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Transition from Betaseron to Tecfidera

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    Transition from Betaseron to Tecfidera

    My neuro has me on the list of patients to transition to Tecfidera. I have been on Betaseron for the last 6 years and am wondering if there is a plan for how to transtition from Betaseron to Tecfidera. I saw my neuro in February and he had the CBC bloodwork done so that is ready. Does anyone know what is needed to make this change?

    Hi 2times2,
    There is no official documentation on what is needed moving from any drug to Tecfidera. The drug was just approved and Biogen just found out what label instructions would be mandated.

    If you call Biogen they will simply refer you to your neurologist for transition information. Your neurologist may get some guidance from Biogen, but ultimately there will be variation from doctor to doctor and patient to patient.

    If possible, I would email your neurologist with your concerns or use the nurse line to leave a message. It's not likely that inteferon-based patients will have any significant action items. I'd watch out for any official procedures moving from Avonex to Tecfidera.

    I would just coordinate treatments with your neurologist and insurance company so you don't end up with a mess load of betaseron laying around.

    There are still a number of items that are being worked on.
    - Tecfidera production needs to ramp up. Packaging and labels need to be printed.
    - Insurance companies need to add Tecfidera to their formularies.
    - Procedures for financial disbursement and assistance need to be finalized.
    - Neurologists need to be made informed of new process and procedures to start a patient. Office staff need to be trained.

    Over the next 2 months, the hardest part might be finding a neurologist with an available office appointment.

    I certainly wish you well and hope you will update us on how you do on Tecfidera.


      Thanks for the information, Marco. My neuro did do the bloodwork and it sounded like I wouldn't have to go in to change over, so we'll see what happens. I'll update when I know more.