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Washout period before BG-12

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    Washout period before BG-12

    I am anxious to start BG-12. Hopefully it will help restore the energy I have lost like Ty did. I have been off of Ty for 5 weeks. How long of a washout period is recommended by Biogen or is it doc's discretion?
    Am I going to be able to start Ty after stopping for BG-12 if BG-12 doesn't work?

    I have directly asked Biogen this question and they will refer you to your neurologist. I understand their position, but hope neurologists get frequent "best practices" updates from Biogen.

    I believe any answer that you get would simply be an educated guess and not a standard protocol that all should follow.

    I asked a number of related questions:

    1) How long of a washout period should someone have between Tysabri and Tecfidera?
    2) Does Biogen suggest pulse steroids during the wash out period?
    3) Should any patients consider plasmapheresis before moving from Tysabri to Tecfidera?
    4) Should there be any washout period considered from any drug prior to Tecfidera?
    5) Should aubagio patients go through the activated carbon procedure?

    I am sure many people are not changing from Tysabri to BG12, even in the higher risk categories. They are just devout Tysabri users and are going to bang that drum as long as they can.

    Since you have already decided to change. Talk to your neurologist and be as open and honest as possible. Remember we do have PML case of someone that went from Tysabri to Gilenya so your caution is completely warranted.

    For me, the greater PML risk I had the longer the washout period I would want. Meaning if I was on dose #45 and JCV+ I would be more concerned and a LONGER washout period than someone on dose #8 and JCV-.

    I have personally been in a washout period for a number of months in anticipation for BG12.


      ..."wash out" period. So that's what it's called.

      I've wondered how patients transition to another drug.

      There is so much information on this forum. We "newbies" are fortunate to have access to everything from technical to "not so technical" information.



        I talked to my neuro yesterday (as I was getting my last Tysabri infusion) and she said no washout period. I'm JCV+ /Infusion 9.


          I also talked to Biogen about the wash out period and was told to talk to my neuro.

          My neuro said he does not want me to have a wash out period because of the rebound affect.
          God Bless Us All


            Regarding #5 in Marco's post above, my neuro will be having me take cholestyramine to wash out the Aubagio before starting, as there is no safety data available about having both in the body at the same time.


              Spoke to my neuro again to day and she specifically mentioned she wants my meds to overlap so that there is less of a chance of the Tysabri rebound effect.