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First dose last night

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    First dose last night

    I recently was diagnosed. Got my medicine yesterday and took my first dose last night of 8.8mcg. I had no noticeable symptoms last night. The site looks good today. However I woke up a bit more tired than usual and my muscles ache a bit today. Can rebif cause side effects many hours after taking it? I feel a bit better if I get up and move around, but when I sit down my back aches just a bit and my upper abdomen just a bit too. Kinda like body aches when sick. I know this is a side affect but can it occur the next day instead of a few hours after taking.

    I dont feel too bad which is good. Just a little achy

    Rebif for Nearly 2 months

    Hi! I have been on Rebif for nearly 2 months. This is my second medication. I switched from Copaxone in March.

    I too have the tired/achy thing going on the day after my shot. The mslifelines nurse tells me it is common.
    When my dosage increased I had some overnight flulike symptoms, but only the first two nights after each increase.

    My biggest issue is the headache. Keep me posted on how it is going for you.



      I feel better today. Second dose last night. I took Ibuprofen before hand. Feel a little pressure in my head right now but no pain. One strange thing, my hands smell a bit odd. Can Rebif make your hands smell? Does it excrete a smell? Just on my hands. I smelt it yesterday and washed my hands a few times, and showered, and even today they still smell odd... not bad, just odd


        Sorry to keep updating. Just new to this medicine. I will take my third dose tonight of the 8.8. Yesterday I didnt feel any flu symptoms. I had pressure in my head most of the day, and also most of the day today same pressure. Anyone else get this pressure with Rebif? What helps?

        Hoping the pressure will go away as my body goes further into the treatment... I will see how I feel tomorrow after my third injection tonight


          Hey there! I've not noticed a smell, but the headache... Ugh! It seems like I need to drink a lot of extra fluids on shot day...and the day after or the head pressure blows up into an intolerable headache. I've been told that the side effects decrease after you've been taking the medication a while. I hope that is true. Sometimes the headache kicks my butt!