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Rebismart Error?

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    Rebismart Error?


    I have been using RebiSmart for 2 years now and am very familiar with the device. A couple of days ago, I started receiving an error that I do not know how to fix and was hoping someone else had experienced and resolved this as well.

    I go through the usual steps:

    1. Turn on RebiSmart
    2. Press 'Start', after which the device says 'Insert Cap'
    3. Peel the paper cover on a new (Sterile) Serofine Needle
    4. Insert new Serofine Needle into Rebismart (until it 'clicks in')
    5. RebiSmart automatically takes the needle from the cap, however instead of the normal prompt 'Remove Cap' so that I can proceed to inject, I receive an error: "ERROR: Check Needle".

    It than prompts me to place the empty cap, press the side button to remove the needle form RebiSmart, and then remove the cap with the needle inside it.

    Possibly Relevant: 2 months ago, RebiSmart slipped from my hands while I was standing and fell on the floor. It has still operated normally, however the only difference I have noted is that when I change cartridges, previously once I inserted a new cartridge RebiSmart would automatically accept it and tell me I have 3 doses remaining - however after the drop, it began presenting me with the prompt 'Continue?' with the options of 'Yes' or 'No', but once i click 'Yes' everything else is fine.

    Have had this message too

    I have had this message and I noticed my needles were not completely disengaging from my rebismart.

    I ended up changing the batteries and everything has been going good since. Most of the time my needles stay in after I put back the cap so I just disengage them with the tweezers supplied. Not sure if this is common for all but it's a pain in the butt on mine.