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Plegridy vs giving up

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    Plegridy vs giving up

    Because of my individual circumstances I am left to choose from going on Plegridy vs staying on nothing for my MS. (I stopped Copaxone in August).

    Please share any feedback you may have. I would very much appreciate any and all. Thank you in advance
    Peace to all,
    RRMS 11/11/2005, SPMS 20011 (guess I 'graduated')

    Hi Fishytrout,

    I'm on Plegridy after Copaxone (years ago). It is much, much more convenient. I was having issues with traveling with Copaxone and the daily shots. Plus, I just did not feel good on Copaxone.

    I've been on Plegridy for years. I do have about a 1/2 day of down time after I take a shot. I try not to work on these days and manage my schedule around the shots. I take Tylenol or Aleve on the night of the shot and the next day. With my doctor's permission, I take Plegridy every 3 weeks instead of every 2. This is to manage some of the side effects and it has helped. Most importantly, my lesions seem to have improved on Plegridy and I feel better overall.

    Good luck with your search for a new med. I hope this info helps!


      Thank you for your reply. I am very worried about the PML (I no longer live close to a decent hospital) and Cardiomyopathy (I do not want to need a heart transplant). The issue with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts being a side effect worry me. I have clinical depression and, though I am not suicidal, I worry about that creeping into my head ESPECIALLY now that I am dealing with some issues with some Nerve Compression issues in my leg. I have thought about how much of an "ahhhh no pain anymore" that I could have (again I am NOT suicidal).
      Peace to all,
      RRMS 11/11/2005, SPMS 20011 (guess I 'graduated')



        I want to add more comments for this med. I'm not worried about PML because my blood work has been pretty stable. On other meds, my blood work bottomed out. I do have underlying cardiac issues. I have slight edema and increased heart rate with Plegridy a few days after injection. I haven't had any depression issues that I have noticed although depression is a common side effect.

        One suggestion is that you can try the start dose for a longer time to make sure you tolerate the Plegridy. I don't think they give out any options besides the standard dosages. My neurologist said that they use the same dose for everyone and sometimes it is just too much.


          I was on Copaxone for about 9 years and had to switch to Rebif. Once Plegridy was available I switched to that.

          i can tell you that I do feel much better on the Plegridy than I did on Copaxone or Rebif. With Copaxon I was getting injection fatigue and a lot of site reactions. The Plegridy is nice injecting every 14 days!

          I was also worried about the side effects. I have a strong family history of severe depression and even suicide. So that was a big concern of mine. I do not suffer any depression or cardiac issues. I do get a migraine for a day or two after injection. We treat that with prescription strength Aleve and making sure I am every well hydrated. And this seems to work.

          Sometimes my lab work shows that my white count is a little low, but nothing significant.