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Getting Ready to start Plegridy

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    Getting Ready to start Plegridy

    I will be starting Plegridy soon so I am just looking for suggestions on what others do to pre-medicate and everything to avoid the side effects.
    I have 3 young children so I would like to minimize the side effects as much as possible.
    I was previously on Tecfidera but couldn't handle the stomach issues that came along with it.

    My routine so far

    Hi - Plegridy is my first DMD and I have only taken 2 injections so far. My first full dose is in a week.

    A couple of things I do that really helped the 2nd injection go better than the 1st:

    1. Hydrate a ton. I drink 80oz of water the day of and the next 48 hours following the injection.

    2. Stay on an NSAID regimen. I start 2 Aleve at 10am, inject at 5pm then take another 2 Aleve at 9pm and go to bed. I stick with the 2-Aleve dose the next day (every 12 hours) and then switch to Ibuprofin for the next 24 hours.

    3. I do notice an increase in my Sx and nerve pain, so I also took a Gabapentin on the first night. I slept like a rock all night long and didn't feel like I needed any more than that.

    4. Take it easy. I have 2 grade schoolers at home, and we pretty much chilled at home other than activities and church. I think that makes a big difference in the recovery time.

    Good luck to you! I hope it goes well - let us know. I expect this regimen will be less needed over time, but for now, it worked pretty well!

    Cranial VIth Nerve Palsy (2008, 2014); Partial Myelitis (9/2015); RRMS Dx (11/18/2015); Plegridy (2/2016)