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Novantrone, then Tysabri?

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  • Kimba22
    Ask your neuro about it.

    I am JCV- and currently on Tysabri, even though I was on Cytoxan a few years ago. My MS Specialist was more concerned whether or not I was JCV- or +. I know he'll become more concerned the longer I'm on it.

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  • webkitty
    started a topic Novantrone, then Tysabri?

    Novantrone, then Tysabri?

    About 10+ years ago I took Novantrone infusions every three months, for 2 years. My question is: Would it be ok to consider Tysabri as another therapy? Currently taking Aubagio. I have been on all of the ABC's at one time or another. My walking has been going downhill for the last two years. Any advice would be appreciated.