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Has anyone 'Googled' ' 'George Goss HSCT' ?

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    Has anyone 'Googled' ' 'George Goss HSCT' ?

    I haven't been posting on this forum for some time. It has come to my attention that if one 'Googles' 'George Goss HSCT'[, a bunch of sites appear explaining the procedure. But, the thing that surprises me, is that there have been posts dating back to 2014 written by MSer's that have had positive results since completing their treatments, many times Dr. Burt was the treating physician. Has anyone been following any of the HSCT trials and results?

    My HSCT journey

    Hi JerryD,
    I don't know if you remember me. We talked about me having HSCT a while back. I posted that I would update on my progress. My transplant day was March 11,2017. I'm almost 5 months post. I am feeling pretty good most days. The recovery it's supposed to be like a roller coaster with ups and downs. I'm lucky to have lots of good days. Before treatment I never had good days and bad days. It was a steady decline in disability. Pain was all over my body but mostly chronic back pain. Pain level has lowered a lot and I even have a few days with no pain here and there.

    I have been able to walk without my cane for distances that I wasn't able to do before even with my cane. At first I would hold it in my hands in case I loose my balance i would quickly place it on the floor. Lately I've been holding it folded in my hands. I'm sure it will soon come the day that it will be in my purse and some day it'll stay home. I can now cross my legs and also get in my bed without pulling my left ( bad) leg up with my hands. I have an overall wellness feeling that had not felt in years.

    I'm working on physical therapy to strengthen my muscles. I have a long road ahead of me as far as recovery but I'm really pleased with the little improvements so far.
    I have a video of my actual gait compared to the day I was leaving for treatment. I'm going to see if I can post the link here

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      It's great to read of your progress post-HSCT . I can't fathom any sensible reasons for MSer's silence on the subject of the safety and efficacy of this 'experimental' therapy! I very much wish you continued success in your recovery! Good luck