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2 Years Post HSCT And MS Still Stopped

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    I am glad that you are at a reputable hospital with a track record. I wish you much luck and send prayers for your success.
    I would suggest you read Hopeful4future's user profile and the url there for another MS blog site. Asher Cohen ( a former Heidelberg HSCT patient ) actually posts there. You may be interested in his perspective. Good luck


      Originally posted by georgegoss View Post
      Happy New Year everyone!

      I just passed the two year post-HSCT milestone and my MS is still stopped and I have recovered 50% of my pre-transplantation physical function.

      Some people will disagree with my nomenclature, but I call that a cure.

      I posted the details here:

      *please see member profile for personal website*

      Regards to everyone.

      I coulde'nt agree with you more. Here in the US FDA dosen't seem like they are moving forward. But I did find a hospital in california that do the procedure which I will hopfully be going there. Good luck to any one suffering from this disease.


        I just received an email from George Goss. He explained that Asher is in contact with Prof. Slavin to try using MSC to possibly rebuild what has been taken from him over the past 15 years, the time that he has been dx'd with MS.
        George warns all who want HSCT, that the primary outcome is to stop the progression of the disease. Overcoming the residual deficits should not be considered as a primary outcome, because it hasn't been shown to be a possibility. Just a maybe. So if the body heals the accrued deficits, that is a bonus. He told me that he feels that Asher wants to try to reverse the accrued deficits. And if it is a possibility, I wish him the best. Good luck to all