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Risk of Cytomegalovirus Disease - CMV

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    Risk of Cytomegalovirus Disease - CMV

    Hello - we've had some interesting and helpful comments here about viral infections and the lack of testing in the monthly tests. Bc it is indeed impractical. That means we are responsible for monitoring our symptoms and reporting anything suspicious.

    So there is an article about the risk of CMV, that is an alert to neurologists and us. Hopefully we won't need to actively use this information but the risk, however small, does exists so here's a suggestion to do some research on it if you are so inclined.

    Take Care!

    ps: If I ever sound all hifalutin it's because I practice learning vocab and using it as well as make (mostly lame) jokes/puns and new ways of saying things (like 'so inclined') bc I read it helps keep your cognitive health but it's okay to instead think I'm annoyingly highfalutin.

    hifalutin: pretencious, fancy - also spelled highfalutin.

    I'm currently hoping to use milquetoast soon before I forget it exists. But not in politics. Another fun word is apophasis: raising an issue by claiming not to mention it.

    Cool Luv your ps


      Aww thanks. :-)

      And now we have listeria to worry about. Fun. Though the odds are still in our favor but I hope anyone less fortunate makes an excellent recovery.