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    Post Injection Reaction

    Hello all,

    I'll keep it brief:

    Off meds for 21 months.

    Started back on Glatiramer Acetate on 6.25.20

    1st injection went fine

    2nd injection had a reaction within 2 minutes. Started itching. 5 minutes broke into huge hives on abdomen around the injection site.

    emailed doctor - not in today.

    ** I know "they" say they don't know what causes it, but I have to believe I nicked a vein - got it in my blood stream a bit but NOT enough to have a systemic reaction.**

    I won't inject again until I hear from my doctor.

    I have done approx 600+ injections in my history of MS meds. This is the very first adverse reaction.

    I will send a message to the FDA as suggested.

    Will I be able to continue using this medication?

    When I first started copaxone 20 years ago, I would get severe itching, sometimes hives at the site. They said to rinse the skin around the area. If the medicine touches the skin, it could cause that reaction.



      doc said to stop medication. This was an allergic reaction and if I inject again, it could be a lot worse.

      Switching me to Tecfidera....oh boy. I was on that before. Time to stock up on peppermint lifesavers.


        Good to hear, VikingKitty ~ hope Tec works well for you second time around!
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