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    More Frequent Adverse Reaction

    I have been having a bad reaction to Glatopa more frequently. It seems about once a month I inject into a vein, have a little bleeding, and then the shivers and muscle contractions begin. It is very unpleasant to say the least and lasts for 1-2 hours until I finally am able to fall asleep as I take the shot at night. My wife knows the routine as she can sense that I am not doing well and springs into action to help. She grabs the electric blanket and warms up a heating pad in the microwave which helps a lot.

    I have noticed that the injector unit goes very slowly on the nights I have these reactions. Even times when I don't have the reactions the injector seems to not function that well and there are times when I just remove the needle and the medicine then sprays out. I have also noticed that sometimes the med leaks into the injector which then drys and causes the injector to be stuck. I rinse it in hot water and dry it out some with a blow dryer but I know that can't be good because of the metal spring inside.

    I admit that even though I have been on Copaxone or Glatopa for nearly 10 years combined, I have never injected without using the device as I am a little nervous about doing so. Anyone else noticing issues with the injector unit or having reactions more frequently?

    Adverse Reaction from Copaxone or Glatiramer Acetate

    MS_TOO, Like you, I suffered from severe chills and shivering following injection of Glatiramer Acetate and with Copaxone. I reported my reaction several times to Shared Solutions and was assured that this reaction was not a common one and had not been reported to them.

    My "freezing attacks" started 15 - 30 minutes after injection, and lasted 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This reaction went on for 2 years before I found a solution that works for me.

    The hypodermic needle has a small amount of air in the barrel, when it is taken out of the package. I didn't see anything in the instructions about the air in the chamber. So, as a test, I pressed the plunger to expel the air. I make sure that the bubble of air is completely gone. Then I gave myself the injection. NO MORE FREEZING ATTACKS. Let me repeat, no more freezing attacks. This method was discovered by me. No information given from the support people.

    I can't tell you how wonderful it is not to have the anxiety I felt with each dose. I understand the misery that those patients who have this reaction. It is horrible and painful. I was hospitalized after a knee replacement and I had a freezing attack. The medical personnel in rehab thought I was imagining it. They had a psychiatrist come and talk to me. Ridiculous! Good luck to all.