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Joint pain and stiffness started when switched to generic Glatiramer

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    Joint pain and stiffness started when switched to generic Glatiramer

    My insurance no longer covers the brand named Copaxone. So I was switched to the Mylan brand of Glatiramer Acetate (40 MG) about 3 weeks ago. Two weeks ago, I started noticing joint stiffness and pain. It is to the point now that it is hard to straighten my fingers all the way at times. My knees hurt when I stand up. My back has started hurting. I did not feel this way 3 weeks ago before I was switched to the generic brand.

    Just FYI, since I am now getting this from the VA, I have asked my neurologist to request authorization to dispense only the Copaxone brand named drug. I should find out in the next week if it is approved.

    Anyone else noticed any issues with generic?

    Symptoms started around 2000, Diagnosed with RRMS April 2014, On Copaxone.

    Really, really dislike the generic Copaxone

    I too was forced by my insurance to take the generic Copaxone and I really don't believe it is as good as the brand name. I've had a tingly feeling in my hands since shortly after taking it and both my last MRIs have shown new lesions, esp. the last MRI. I've had more achy days after taking the med., but my neuro is in the process of getting me approved to start Ocrevus. I was doing fine on the Copaxone until they switched me and def. notice more symptoms than before. Best of luck going forward and def. make sure your neuro gets updated on your ongoing issues.


      Have to switch also

      I just found out I have to go to generic. I've been on copaxone for about 20 years and doing so well. Didn't use it for about 9 months cuz last ins. wouldn't pay at all. Ended up in the hospital for the 1st time ever.
      Nervous about finding out the hard way that it is not as effective