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abnormal PAP?

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    abnormal PAP?

    Had first ever abnormal PAP- awaiting biopsy.
    WBC at 2.5.
    Tysabri is now linked to abnormal PAPs and I´m wondering if Gilenya is as well. Anyone else?
    Been on G. for four years.

    I had been on Gilenya 3 - 4 years when I too had my first ever abnormal pap. Biopsy was done and nothing was found to be wrong. Next one 6 months later was normal.

    I have no idea what my WBC was at the time - I wasn't seeing a MS specialist at the time and the neuro I was seeing NEVER checked things like WBC, Vit D. - or anything (except liver function prior to MRI).

    I never thought to question what caused it - I was going thru menopause at the time and kinda just thought age?

    Best of luck to you .



      Biopsy was positive at the colposcopy stage. Underwent cold knife conization and the removed portion did have moderate and severe dysplasia but the margins were clear- NO CANCER. Lesson- get a PAP done as if I had done nothing, it would have progressed to cancer. Lesson 2- be a couch potato for at least a week b/C I overdid it and now have to be a couch potato or go back to the OR for stitches. My neuro reluctantly went through the reporting process with Novartis. I do think that gilenya´s immunosuppressive factor caused or helped cause this. That said, I am still on it.