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    Injecting question

    I'm about to start Copxone and I have a question. I'm a diabetic and just giving my insulin injection has become difficult at times. My skin is like leather. I commonly bend an insulin syring going into the skin and have to attempt with a new one. Will copaxone possibly just cut through this?

    Also I have lost a large amount of weight rapidly. I went from 195 to 165 now. Should I be concerned about enough fat to give an injection?

    Yes I know call shared solutions. I rather not after my last experience with the. Useful as having another replase.

    Hi NathanL,

    I used Copaxone for about 8 years without any injection problems. I used their auto inject device, adjustable settings allow for different depths (subcutaneous). Hold at 90 degrees to the skin & a button press, one second for 20cc... very quick, painless.

    I do not see your loss of 30 pounds quickly to be a problem, if anything you have "loose" skin. I have little body fat and thought that could be an issue but it proved an unnecessary concern. Others here may have other comments.

    I have no knowledge of insulin injections.


      The thing about copaxone is, you don't want the needle to get near muscle. I actually inject into my inner thigh. There is enough fat there and the rest of my thigh is really muscular.

      I have never used the auto-ject so I can't address how that will work with leathery skin. The needles are pretty sturdy. You might want to talk to your dr about that.