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    So I'm back from my very expensive Dr. Appointment.. There were no fees to the government, Canadian, except taxes on the 360.00 to bring it just under 400.00..

    I saw a Dr., who went over my entire medical history on ms, then prescribed five grams per day. He believes I should be able to eventually get off of my baclofen altogether and even my other medications, stimulants and sleep pills etc. that woul be so nice! But I'm taking it one step at a time.

    He was really pushing making tea with whole milk and making edibles instead of vaporizing. My experiance so far with cookies hasn't been the greatest, so I will try tea, but likely still vape as I find I have control over dose.

    I didn't go to the dispensary, it was too far away, I'll go another day.

    That's it, I have all the forms here, signed, and waiting for my grower to com by and sign them too and away they go!


      Annie Moore; Girl Scout Cookies strain is definitely the ONE that was the FIRST thing that made an immediate relief of the symptoms you are wanting to relieve--totally amazing! Humboldt Haze came in second. I've tried lots of strains, so hope you avoid that.

      I ran out of it and haven't tried it in the coffee..I will try the HH in coffee. It has such a good flavor, I do enjoy the vaped taste or smoke of it! Since, I hate smoking anything, the flavor helps with doing that. So, I reserve it for serious medicine.

      I cannot tell all of you, HOW MUCH IT WARMS MY HEART to know you have found a medication that is organic and works well for you and doesn't have the side-effects that are often more limiting than the symptom it should help!

      Once I discovered this organic medicine, it drew me to the field of 'eating' the proper organic foods to get better! Prior to that, I really wasn't interested.

      IDK if I would have spent that kind of money on it, when I started. That needs to change! In the Gov't program, it is my understanding the meds are free? I've seen You Tube videos of patients showing their Premium Quality meds from the program. IDK how that works?

      Knowing how SAFE this medication IS, as a former ER R.N., this warms me. I have only seen people die of OD on alcohol and other drugs, not this one. When someone told me how safe it was, I didn't believe them. I now do, after doing my homework, as you all have.

      Sounds like it is time to ask a real canna cook that can give us some tasty recipes, to drop in. I am at the point that I really have no desire to vape or smoke, it'd be nice to eat my meds. I use to and just haven't felt up to it lately. Pretty much coffee "Pot" is my preferred method to dose. No inhaling! Great functional results for daytime use.

      I'll also invite someone that has a recipe for some EASY to make Uncle Bill's No Nonsense Coconut Capsules.

      sw8689; (I am not sure I'd like the taste in a tea..but, haven't tried it; My coffee-i can't taste it in it)

      PLEASE KNOW THAT MEDIBLES CAN TASTE TERRIBLE! I put extra chocolate mints in my brownies, in case someone is sensitive to the taste. I don't do it anymore, I don't share my is too precious; knowing conventional meds won't do the same thing or help so much.

      It sounds like your docs up there know what they are doing, I am rather pleased with your visit. The mmj doc here, I spoke with for my 'rec' last year, wasn't aware of the cannabis oil and not as well informed, as yours.

      4gms might be about right for vaping; save your left-over vaped buds to make brownies'll be surprised, there is still some medication left in it. And it seems to help with sleep.

      Like you, I prefer regulating my I don't take any more than I actually need. Mind you, even if I didn't pay for it, I would do the same thing. We have life-long disease and keeping our dose as low as possible is preferred;

      Plus, taking Tolerance Breaks. So, you don't NEED too much. Even one day without, will help. Just be aware, we ALL need to do this to prevent ourselves from 'needing' to much. So we can afford it and do right by our bodies.

      If you ever have a question regarding medicinal marijuana and you can't get the answer here; there are boards for medical marijuana where other patients will give you tips. That is how I learned, over the past 5 years. Well...and...experimenting!

      Few MS patients go on those boards, I figured because they weren't able, IDK. But, this is a much better place to share information and 'figure' out the use for our needs!

      Now to see if I can lure a canna cook to post some recipes here! fed


        Originally posted by sw8689 View Post
        I saw a Dr., who went over my entire medical history on ms, then prescribed five grams per day.

        Originally posted by Fed Up View Post
        4gms might be about right for vaping

        My spouse vaporizes 3-4 times a day for non-MS conditions. It's likely she wouldn't be alive without this most important of her meds.

        She received a vaporizer as a gift years ago, and has only had youtube and a friend without a vaping history to help her figure things out. But I still think that either she or you two might be off by an order of magnitude!

        3.5 grams of the good stuff (about $50 US) last her about 14 days (at 3.5 times a day), or 49 vaporizings. Each time, she grinds down enough to completely fill the cavity in her vapir NO2 vaporizer. She's using an average of about 1/4, or 0.25, grams per day.

        So if you were to use 4 grams a day, not only would the cost likely be somewhere over $1000 US a month (though you could buy it cheaper—wholesale—in those quantities! ), but if you used my spouse's vaporizer, you would have to vaporize a whopping 56 times a day!

        I don't know how you'd find time in the day to do that!

        I don't know a lot about this stuff sw8689, but maybe your doctor prescribed 1/5 of a gram a day.

        And Fed Up, maybe you mean 1/4 of a gram sounds right.

        I've never visited a forum for that stuff, so maybe you can confirm what you think is right. I'm really curious, and waiting to hear how you can ingest that much!

        Maybe the vaporizing is so much more efficient than smoking, and the prescription would be for an amount smoked, but it would be less if it were vaporized. Please let me know!


          Please Thank YOURSELVES for becoming an informed patient and making an ORGANIC choice in your life!

          If we were educated in Medicinal Marijuana and our M.D.'s; we would not have to feel we 'took a ride on the dark side!'

          There is nothing dark about this homemade medication!

          Happy Medicating! Which is what I call it and the other patients. fed


            Hi Fed-

            I had been going to 'outside' message boards until I found yours. I still do, and that is where I found this recipe that I had bookmarked:


            Cover cannabis with coconut oil and cook until the cannabis is crunchy. Keep the temps around 200 degrees and when the cannabis gets crunchy, all of the goodies are in the coconut oil. I tilt my roaster so the liquid separates from vegetable matter and it goes to one side, scoop the oil out and send through the filter. I put the crunchy stuff into my fruit press and barely got anymore from being pressed, so that step can be eliminated.

            The poster used a rice cooker. Other than that, I have nothing mroe to offer other than Iwill be trying this.


              sw8689, that's great!

              I'm considering applying... maybe. I just don't trust the Harper government right now knowing who has possession. I'm going to ask the compassion club volunteers what they think. Not all of them are licensed users but all of them are legitimately sick (MS, cancer, HIV, etc.)


                AnnieMoore; please let us know the results? Thanks for the recipe. did they happen to mention about how long it takes to cook?

                bwmoore; Pretty happy to hear your wife found an organic way to control her medical issues. I'll have to look into that vape. Sounds nice.

                My vaporizer is a tower and it uses a whip/gourd. If I don't fill the 'chamber' gourd full, it doesn't give me the dose I need. Sometimes I'll inhale once and walk away, not being medicated enough and return to having to reload; so I do waste some.

                When I was using my vape for the major flare I was having earlier this year; yep, I bet I vaped 4 grams easily a day. On the flip side, that is why I bought popcorn buds/trim, instead of primo buds. Those seem to have more CBD's and less THC for my medication. I don't care about the high! My ground up extras in 2 days would fill a pint jar 3/4th full.

                Dose remains more related to what one is trying to accomplish with it. Symptom management, sleep or simply ability to function. M.S. is a daily grind and the dose will vary from week to week.

                Once I found out I could use it during the daytime by making it in my expresso maker, I use much more. And stay pain-free. Because, I like the symptom control without feeling high or otherwise different;

                and right now,I REALLY NEED the pain control for the shingles. And frankly, I'd eat an entire pound to get rid of this pain.

                Dose and strain will have more to do with amounts used; If I weren't using this Skywalker (i buy in bulk), I probably wouldn't use as much or be as happy with my management of abilities and pain.

                I really get tired of grinding up my medicine. I often wonder if people who think this is an easy choice would try to grow or buy their own, cut it up, grind it up and then load it into something\ and then use, what a mess. Yet, I find it worth it.

                Taking pills is far cheaper and much easier, yet the side least it doesn't have sad side-effects. fed


                  Long Acting Cannabis Pills for sleep: Recipe

                  7 grams bud powder
                  7 grams leaf powder
                  10 grams corn starch
                  23 grams coconut oil

                  I use buds and leaves since I'm a grower. Bud on its own works too. Dry your buds and leaves until they're crispy, then grind in a blender until they're a fine powder. Sift through a fine mesh strainer to remove any bigger chunks. You only want fine powder in the pill mix.

                  I put the bud and leaf powder in a little half pint mason jar along with the coconut oil. I use corn starch or flour as a filler to reduce the potency. I seal the mason jar and float it in a warm water bath in a crock pot. I use the low setting with mine. Open the jar every hour or two and stir the mix. I do this for a few hours, then I put the pill mix into capsules by hand. Keep the capsules frozen so they'll stay good until you need them.

                  The potency is up to you. I usually make a batch of pill mix, test one capsule, and adjust based on effects. Some strains are stronger than others. Use more bud to make it stronger, or use more filler to make it milder. Adding liquid lethicin to the mix will make the capsules stronger but shorter lasting. Beeswax will make them milder but longer lasting.
         sure to use INDICA strains for sleep and if you can, 'sample' by inhaling with a vape/toke. Often, some buds will help more for pain after cooking...because the cooking brings out the CBD's and CBN's we need.

                  I've been watching and reading all I possibly can on cannabis for 5 years. The above recipe will be the first I've tried to make, myself-in pill form. It is the SAFEST to make and use, compared to many I've read-prior to this.

                  Plus, I read threads of what some are doing, etc. I personally like this recipe the best. Frankly, brownies and making easy to eat things are appealing, but I believe this will give more CONTROL for myself and other.

                  If you make this before I do, please share???
                  Thank YOU all that do and share.

                  As, I am so tired of inhaling it...even though my PO2 Sats remain 98%, I still don't care for inhaling, I've done plenty of it for relief, though.

                  If you read this far...I found a pretty good video that explains more of the Cannabis Science on You Tube;
                  It is called: Cannabis Science, jst google it and watch...pretty detailed information on the Endocannabinoids. fed


                    BWMorris, it makes me feel feel very good to hear other ms's have spouses going through the cannabis medicine journey together too. I feared I would be doing this alone but my husband has become informed and today even took me to a dispensary! My vaporizer also has a very small cylinder and it takes me forever to use a gram, let alone five right now.

                    The reason the Doctor prescribed me 5 grams daily is because he wants me to make teas and tincures and that takes much more cannabis, he also said that as time goes by I will need more and I think the amount stays static and doesn't change. Our regulations are going through a big change next month and he wanted to make sure I am prescribed enou to last quite a while.

                    Misslux, I too have that concern and wasn't going to get a license or even a Referal, until i was asked if i was interested in being part of a research and development study, and i need to be licensed for that. Since we are schedule one, its not even a prescription, more of a referral/confirmation of our diagnosis. And with that document we can purchase from a dispensary. i dont beleive that document goes anywhere, but in the doctors file and your hands, a copy to the dispensary. Having said that, I can certainly understand the concern for privacy, I'm a bit leary about it too. The license to possess and grow etc, all go to health Canada and I have done the whole thing. Yikes!

                    Fed and Annie, thanks for the recipes!


                      So, now for my dispensary story for those interested..
                      My husband was kind enough to come with me as we had to go to a dispensary that was not recommended to me because the one that was recommend has a waiting list!

                      Well, my nativity showed right away..we walked into the waiting room, then into the lounge and were quickly escorted back out into the waiting room. The lounge was quite smoky, and once my paperwork was done (I had to become a member) we were allowed in, but my husband stayed in the waiting room because of the smoke. Good thing he did, he would have become very jaded about the whole process. The people helping me were so high, they were having difficulty helping me..and couldn't understand what I meant when I told them I like something that helps with spasticity and pain and makes me sleep but doesn't get me too high. They repeated back a few times, you don't want to get high?? And another person, she doesn't want to get high? Anyway, I ended up buying bubba kush, OH, and something called Cobra oil that is an indica infused grapeseed oil.

                      I haven't tried anything yet, I'm afraid of the cobra oil because I can't find anything on it yet. So if any of you have heard about please fill me in.

                      So went to the supermarket afterwards, and as I was paying, I guess my bubba kush fell out of my purse when I took my wallet out and a lady behind me on her phone said to someone, "you wouldn't believe what I just found". I looked and said that's mine, I'm licensed, I just dropped it! And took it out of her hand! She was good about it.

                      Crazy me, can't even transport it home properly the first time!!!

                      So that was my big adventure, now I will go on the waiting list for the recommended dispensary! It's all an adventure, and kind of fun


                        SW thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like our collectives/dispensaries, here. They vary, the ones that are stone cold sober and don't use mmj; give the worst suggestions of what to get.

                        The bubba kush is a night-time med, for sure. IDK what OH is?

                        The Cobra Oil, never heard of it. Oil in general..takes on a different issue. 1)Is it pure cannabis oil or 2)was it processed in grapeseed oil or 3)diluted with grapeseed oil? How many grams of cannabis oil vs grapeseed?

                        You need to find out. Cannabis itself can be between 60%=98% thc with higher amts of CBD/CBN's. But, you don't want all that thc.

                        Please call and find out, if it is diluted; regardless, it is most likely too strong for you if pure cannabis oil. fed


                          Thanks fed, I will call before I take it. The label says, 99.7 cannabanoids. And it says budder?

                          I researched cobra cannabis oil and found cobra seeds, they are part blueberry and lebonese lowryder two genetics, mostly an indica.

                          I think if I'm to afraid to use it, I may gift it to the person who has been gifting me my few grams to to start as he knows his stuff and I'm sure would like something like this for recreational use, not me.

                          Thanks fed!


                            Sorry that the first dispensary was unprofessional! The one I go to is professional but everyone also suffers from category one illnesses so they are really knowledgeable about their suggestions.


                              sw, that oil can be made into edibles and a much desired medication for you.

                              I am very familiar with Blueberry and it has a lower THC, naturally, around 10% more or less. The other is probably similar?

                              If it is budder--that is similar to wax or oil google cannabudder recipes and you will probably find some delightful things to make with it.

                              Or, google cannacaps or cannabis oil capsules...should bring up some ingestible ways to use this, which last longer and gets you the cannabinoids you seriously need. fed


                                Thanks misslux, it's my own fault really, I had read an online review that accurately portrayed it and yet still went..I'm good with it and just chalking it up to new experience.

                                I'm going to try bubba kush tonight, I'll let you all know how it is.

                                When vaporizing, should I be inhaling slowly or strongly and somewhat swift? And should I inhale until my lungs are completely full. If I inhale until they are full I can't seem to hold it in more than a second or two..

                                Fed, I'm so sorry to hear you have shingles! I hope it goes away fast for you. My grower juices the fresh leaves and puts the juice in his shake every morning as an anti inflammatory, do you think that may help you?