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Anyone else get an Email about Beta Connect..New Injector?

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    Anyone else get an Email about Beta Connect..New Injector?

    Hi all.
    Been on BetaSeron 2+ years. Use Autoinjector and manually inject myself. I get red welts all the time, especially my stomach.

    Did anyone see there is a new autoinjector I guess coming out? Not spring-loaded. It seems to administer the fluid a little less harshly (I watched a Youtube video).

    Anyone have any thoughts? Ideas when it comes out to the patients?


    According to Bayer's press release the FDA accepted the filling for the BETACONNECT in April. This means that the expected approval should be by end of this month. I expect to see the BETACONNECT on the market within a couple of months after approval.

    And yes, it is an engine driven device. The device is already available in European markets since last year. In addition the new device can be connected with an App which seems to be available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows! Not sure by when this will be available in the US.

    All the best!


      New Injector ??

      I have not received anything about a new injector - been on Betaseron for a long time and would love to have an injector with less of a punch !!!
      Let us know if you hear anything else, please !!


        Injector has been approved...

        The FDA has approved the new device:


          new injector

          I received a pamphlet in the mail about 2 months ago. I called the number listed and put myself in for one to be sent to me... They told me I will get a call in December about it and they will be sending them out in January...or was it anyways I am so looking forward to getting this. The pamphlet said my insurance would cover the can call the Beta folks and ask about it.


            Hi All-
            I am supposed to be getting the new injector in tomorrow's mail, 1/6/16.
            I will let you all know how it goes.


              I have used the new injector twice now. I am not as pleased as I thought I would be. In fact, I am so disappointed, I am going to really talk to my dr about a pill. I was REALLY hoping the new injector, without being spring loaded would be GREAT. It isn't bad, but it is not really that impressive. The injection, I guess goes in smoother, but for me, I really have to press the injector into me to make the injector "unlock" and blink ready to go. If you jolt and pull back, the system stops, and the injection stops. I feel the needle goes in deeper, and take a bit longer to complete the injection cycle.
              I really was hoping this new injector was IT- but I am kinda sad about how I feel about it.


                I have been using the new injector for a couple of months and love it...well, at least like it. I had used the old autoject for 12 years and was sick of the welts, bruising and pain. The new injector has helped in all of those areas.