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In your experience, how long did it take for Betseron to fully kick in?

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    In your experience, how long did it take for Betseron to fully kick in?

    A few weeks, A few months, A year? How long before you started to feel better. Of course each person is different, I just want to know how it has worked out for you.

    Hi Lilly

    sorry I don't remember how long it took to work..when I started (Oct '94) it was the onlky medication developed and we had to enter a lottery to get the chance to take it..

    All I was to add is that it did make me better..I no longer have definite exacrerbations (like before)..I do have lingering MS sxs (numbness, fatigue, bladder issues, etc) but I do take care of myself, my home, drive, and babysit my 3 and 10 yr old is good while I'm waiting for the cure to be developed

    Take care
    Susan......... Beta Babe since 1994....I did improve "What you see depends on where you're standing" from American Prayer by Dave Stewart


      The DMD's are not about feeling better, the DMD's are supposed to stop progression of damage to the nervous system.

      This seems to be a common misunderstanding for many MS patients.

      Getting to the point of your question, my results on Beta have been very good. An MRI of my brain three months after I started Beta showed promise and a follow up at six months showed a virtual halt of progression.

      Its been almost four years now since I started Beta. Signs of progression have been really hard to find. Some of my associated symtoms (the stuff you can see AKA the symtoms I experience) have gotten slightly "better" and I'm hoping I may be able to recover some more in my bad eye and mobility, but MS to me is more about learning how to adapt. The really big news was in virtually stopping the progression (at least I'm not getting worse).

      Not to be morbid about it, but if your DMD is completely effective for you it still can't regenerate nerve tissue you may have lost.


        Thanks CamSue! I too am waiting for that cure And even though I have numbness, fatigue etc too - I feel much better than I did last September. Since DMDs arent about feeling better Im not sure what to make of it
        I think I'll just be grateful to have something to appreciate and have the ability to do so.


          Betaseron effectiveness

          I was told by my neurologist that since I was secondary progressive, Betaseron was/is an appropriate treatment.
          After being encouraged with MRI's every 12-18 months for 4 years showing no progr is primarilyession, I was also consternated that weakness, mobility etc. etc. was still declining.
          When I finally went in and had and asked my neurologist, while we were discussing switching to Tysabri (I was positve for the 1 oin 10,000 chance for brain infection- dead in a month or two), I asked: If you want me to switch- what does that say for Betaseron? answer- probably not working. Tysabri is for recurring remitting, so isn't the possibility of it helping a shot in the dark? answer: yes. The Betaseron same thing? answer:yes.
          I didn't gofor the Tysabri and have been off Betaseron for over a year. No changes in the MS stuff- but now I'm susceptible to colds as I haven't had one- or a flu- while on Betaseron.

          PerhapsI should go back on it as a very expensive cold medicine?
          As an aside, I was very lucky not to have flu symptoms or the heavy bruising that can be associated wit Betaseron. I also got used to the injections very quickly- never an issue- a pin prick.
          As I've seen in other posts about bubbles etc. w/injections and do-overs- my MS Nurse told me that was malarky and overkill so I never worried about it. The medicing went from the needle into my body and that's all that mattered.



            This thread is a bit intimidating to me. I was just told I was primary progressive. I've been avoiding everything except steroids for awhile simply because of my family's ignorance. I come from a ridiculously ignorant group of people who believe that if you educate yourself about your illness, or if you go to your physician for preventative medicine, then of course they'll find something. So I was diagnosed in 2004, and I did absolutely nothing until last year; although I experienced extreme somnelence (sp), basically the symptom that makes you feel and act drunk all of the time, I have optic neuritis in one eye and have had it since 2004...yes, I know that's unusual, and I've had numbness in my limbs for over ten years.

            Sorry for the speech. At any rate, after my last MRI, the neuro and now my entire autoimmune team suggested strongly interfeuron 1B. From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, it is stronger than 1A. It did flip me out a little. So I start Monday. But they told me NOT to expect any improvements. They said that it may extend my life and prevent the progression of my illness, but that any symptoms I'm already experiencing are here to stay. IS THAT NOT THE CASE? I mean, I'm ready to do back flips if I don't have to wear sunglasses in the dark, use a wheelchair simply because of the numerous falls I've experienced and the resulting injuries (and the multiple surgeries correcting the broken things from the injuries), I'd love to go back to my cane. ARE THESE THINGS POSSIBLE WITH BETASERON????


              Betaseron's purpose

              Hi all

              Betaseron will NOT cure your MS.

              Betaseron will NOT reverse any damage you have already incurred.

              and unfortunately....Betaseron will NOT make you "feel better"

              What Betaseron does (like the other DMDs) is to HOPEFULLY reduce the number/severity of relapses you have in the future.....and that's all it does.

              Less relapses = Less damage to your body = Less disability over time

              If a person continues to have lots of relapses on one DMD, then some Neuros will switch them to another DMD that may be more effective at slowing progression.
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