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My Co-Pay for Avonex will be $250!!! Help!!

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    My Co-Pay for Avonex will be $250!!! Help!!

    My husband and I legally separated two years ago. Being legally separated I could still be on his great insurance policy. Now he wants to divorce. I'm in California. All the policies I can get under the Affordable Care Act, the co-pay for Avonex will be $250. No way I can afford this. Does anyone know anything that can help me. Thanks!!!

    Call Biogen ( makers of Avonex) at 800-456-2255 for financial support.


      Hi sassy -

      I'm really sorry to hear of your divorce

      But, don't despair as there is hope! Biogen has a patient financial assistance program outlined here

      It looks like there's a co-pay program at the cost of 0 dollars per month

      the # to call is: Biogen MS Active Source (Avonex, Tysabri, Tecfidera): (800) 456-2255

      Call right away to see if you will qualify once the divorce goes though

      Good luck!
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        Thank you so much DorOMA and Seasha for your responses and the information. I will definitely be contacting Biogen.