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Rebif versus Betaseron

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    Rebif versus Betaseron

    I am new to this forum and just introduced myself on the above ďtell us about yourselfĒ board so I wonít get into all my crazy details :-)

    I was diagnosed in November 2008, started Rebif that December and have been taking it ever since. I have done well with it. I am still considered clinically isolated at this time as Iíve never had a relapse. Very minor change in my first MRI after diagnosis (1 new lesion on my brain) and no new lesions since that time (at diagnosis, lesions were present on my brain and spine).

    From the get go, I have had very little side effects in the form of flu like symptoms (maybe 3 times a year seemingly out of nowhere). I always ask my doctor at every appointment about anything new or exciting coming down the pike. He always responds (and I know in my heart)....if it ainít broke, donít try to fix it. So alas, I suck up the needles and carry on. And I do acknowledge that it may not even be the meds keeping me stable, but for me not taking them is not a risk Iím willing to take.

    However, my hand may be forced as my employer has switched prescription insurance and Rebif is no longer covered. The insurance company suggested Avonex (I KNOW I donít want that) and Betaseron. Iíve already started the process of my neurologist sending in a preauth in the hopes that they will cover it since Iíve done so well on the Rebif for so long. That said, Iím preparing myself to possibly have to make a switch.

    Anyone have any insights into how the two meds compare? Iím curious about efficacy (my most important consideration), side effects, injection sight reactions, relapses, MRI results...anything you can offer me is greatly appreciated!