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What are your remissions like?

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    When I am in remission I can pretend I don't have MS. For now, anyhow. I'm nearly 7 years past onset, and I doubt that this honeymoon phase will last forever. When I get new lesions they are in my spine, and while they heal well, again, I doubt that will continue forever. So, I am grateful for now.

    My eyes, on the other hand? My goal is to be able to drive for another decade (I'm in my 30s). I asked my ophthalmologist if my retinas and optic nerves would last long enough to deal with my cataracts in a few years; he said he had his fingers crossed. It is what it is, but what it is doesn't look good.


      "Remission" makes it sound like it's gone away, like cancer. Don't think that happens, unless luck is your friend. It's there, simmering quieting, like you've turned down the cook-top.

      I think the damage is done, your nervous system works out a way around it, until it's too much and you're stuck with it, again unless luck be your lady tonight.

      I can feel it. It's like a peddle thrown into a pond. The ripples last, but eventually it flattens out, for better or worse.


        Originally posted by 4boysmom View Post
        I wonder the same thing. I think the meds cause a lot of my fatigue issues. I may bring this topic up with my neuro at my next visit.
        Once we tried every single fatigue med out there, my doctor finally suggested to go off my med for awhile. It didn't help the fatigue but the fact that my doctor was so casual about me going off of it and not offering a replacement just kind of underlined the obvious...these DMDs aren't doing poop squat for me...

        I think in my case I have slowly accepted the fact that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes, so what are my remissions like? NON-EXISTENT!
        Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 2004; First sign of trouble: 1994