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Interim Report of Phase 1 trial involving 5 PPMS and 5 SPMS patients

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    Interim Report of Phase 1 trial involving 5 PPMS and 5 SPMS patients

    In 2003, Dr. Michael Pender hypothesized the cause of MS as being the EBV virus. He finally got funding for a small Phase 1 trial involving treating EBV in 10 people with progressive MS, 5 PPMS and 5 SPMS and gives an interim report in this utterly fascinating podcast.

    More information about Pender, his first patient treated with Pender's protocol and that patient's startling success can be found at this site in The Charcot Project thread under "Medications & Treatments" sub-forum "New Treatments, Trials and Research".

    Please click to listen to the podcast by Pender.

    In this interview, Dr Pender discusses the relationship between MS and the Epstain-Barr virus; a link that has been observed in recent studies, and which forms the basis of this most recent clinical trial. In the Phase I study, researchers removed the T cells from six patients with progressive MS, stimulated the T cells to increase their ability to recognize and destroy Epstein-Barr virus-infected B cells, and the injected these T cells in infusions every 2 weeks over a 6-week period. At this interim point, three participants have showed improvement, with one showing “striking improvement”. In the interview, Dr Pender, lead researcher of the trial, discusses the key findings of the trial, and the next steps following these exciting developments.

    Thank you for this info, Myoak.

    I listened to the podcast, and as you say, it is utterly fascinating!

    Hopefully Dr. Pender can get the funding he needs to keep going with this research and many more trials.

    Take Care
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