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MS? Or Not?

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    MS? Or Not?

    Hello all,
    My symptoms started 4-6 mo ago with bladder incontinence. I saw my primary care doc who referred me to a urologist. She said she thought it was MS, and I have bladder testing scheduled this Friday. In December I started having numbness, tingling, and pain in my left knee down to my ankle with similar problems in my left arm. I also noticed running was harder and my left leg would hurt within 5 min of starting my run. I called my neurologist who I see for migraines and she ordered an MRI, scheduled next week. I also saw her beginning of December for my bladder issues and she noted hyper reflexes and high tone in my legs. In the last 2 weeks itís now progressed to my right side, with back pain. Today was the worse day and I had weakness so I came to the ER after not being able to reach my neurologist. Reflexes are off the chart and now I have clonus. MRI ordered and waiting...hoping for answers...this is very difficult and each day is a guessing game on how I will feel.

    Sorry that you are living in a sea of anxiety. You appear to be proactive and that will serve you well. The crazy upside to having a crescendo of symptoms is that a diagnosis of what ails you is more likely to happen sooner than later.

    The bladder stuff sucks. Try not to use limited fluid intake as your go-to as it just leads to dehydration.
    If you are allowed online access to your medical info, you may see the MRI report sooner than the appointment with the neurologist.


      I am sorry that you are experiencing health problems. Unfortunately, there is no direct test for MS, but instead a criteria after all reasonable alternatives have been ruled out. While this may seem complicated, it's still better than being incorrectly diagnosed with MS if you do not have it.

      I hope your symptoms abate and you get a good answer in the very near future.

      Here is a link to what needs to happen to diagnose MS: