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Sickening fatigue, how do you manage?

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    Sickening fatigue, how do you manage?

    The headline is not nice but its a fitting description.

    Yesterday i was busy i struggled but i carried out activities that i know a regular person should have no problem with.

    I got home and my body hurt, i couldn't talk and i felt so so tired i felt physically sick. I had pushed myself over the limit.
    I went to bed and as i led down the pain hit me like a hammer. I couldn't think straight let alone mutter a single word. Or even move. I felt ill. Really ill from just a normal day in somebody elses life.

    I feel sad at the realisation that no matter what i have or what is causing this, this is preventing me from doing normsl activities that others could do on a regular day. Bless my partner who is so understanding and suportive ♡

    Im paying the price this morning too.

    It sounds like a really depressive post, sorry about that. I am o.k : )

    How do you cope with this tiredness?? I have mentioned it to the doctors so many times i have had lots of blood tests and taking vitimin D but no luck yet.
    Any advice at all?


    Without a diagnosis of MS it is impossible to know why you are dealing with being tired.

    MS fatigue is very different than what most people think of or experience. The proper name is Lassitude. Information about MS Fatigue:

    Lassitude is something many of us learn to deal with. There are medication to try and treat Lassitude but like anything with MS, they don't always help. You learn that if you are going to push beyond your limits you will pay for it. You learn some days all you are capable of is holding down a chair (sitting), you learn that some days all you do is sleep and it doesn't help the lassitude, and you learn not everything gets done like it used too.
    Diagnosed 1984
    “Lightworkers aren’t here to avoid the darkness…they are here to transform the darkness through the illuminating power of love.” Muses from a mystic


      Hello topaz84,I know what your saying.I am trying aderall low dose,10mg twice a day.It seems to help I was taking 30mg. When working to get through the day.Good luck


        Thankyou snoopy and Carlyle.

        Yeah i have no definite reason for it yet. I suppose whatever it is i just have to accept that i can't always do what i want to. I have to listen to my body more instead of trying to fight through it.
        Difficult though.

        Thankyou for the links Snoopy.
        I saw my doctor today and she said to have the MRI scan before looking at the fatigue again so maybe there will be an improvement or something i can take in the future.

        Thanks again


          You are not diagnosed so we can only guess. I have to tell you, though, that it sure sounds like what it’s been like for me since dx. Only cure-get more sleep, more rest and when you feel that fatigue coming on, stop and get some rest. Trying to push through it only makes it worse.