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Blood clot risk when traveling by plane

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    Blood clot risk when traveling by plane

    Understand that blood clots are a risk when traveling on a plane due to inactivity.

    What I don't understand is for those of us in wheelchairs that are inactive by default, why wouldn't the risk of blood clots be high all the time?

    Googling has emphasized that age, weight, recent surgery or injury contributes to an increased risk when traveling by plane.

    I actually traveled with a broken leg last year and didn't even think of this risk.

    Planning to travel again soon, and will talk to my doctor, but wanted to get feedback from those that may have more information

    I think a lot has to do with the distance you're traveling. My husband flies from North Carolina to Minnesota fairly often with no problems but he had problems with blood clots after a flight to Australia.

    Now he wears compression socks (about $20 at the drugstore).