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    Adriani, glad you're keeping the owls!

    Just a word of warning regarding a previous post recommending TCA... DO NOT use this to remove tattoos. Not only is it not effective, it's not even recommended (at least in Canada, not sure about the US). It is used by dermatologists to burn away layers of skin badly scarred by things like acne.

    Tattoo ink is deposited into the 2nd layer of skin (the dermis) so before TCA would even reach the ink, the first layer of skin (epidermis) must be totally burned away.

    The dermis contains oil glands, sweat glands, hair follicles, some small muscles... just to name a few. For those of us on a CRAB, the injection goes into the subcutaneous, which is only the next layer down. As if those injections aren't painful enough, try doing it with burned, blistered, scarred and sometimes infected skin.

    Despite its claims to remove tattoos, it's just downright dangerous and doesn't even work. At best, it may fade it a bit but that's probably due to the scarring from literally burning away the top 2 layers of skin with chemicals.

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      If you are scared to remove your tattoo then use laser technique. It will save your body from the unwanted scars and side effects. It will help you to permanently remove your tattoo as well.


        I know a local surgeon who has great practice on skin related problem. But, I want to ask you what is yours tattoo size. If you don’t have a large size then you can try with some tattoos removal creams.


          If you want to remove your tattoo, you should use laser tattoo removal that is expensive but not much painful, you will totally get rid off your tattoo permanently without any skin damage and bad effects.


            Yeah.. My wife has removed her tattoo using laser method. She used to feel very uncomfortable because of her tattoo but after taking laser treatment, her tattoo has permanently gone.


              My dh is getting a tattoo removed by lazer he said it hurts pretty bad. I like the idea of the skin tone over the tattoo. Hope all goes well . Tammy
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                Newer laser tattoo removal techniques can eliminate your tattoo with minimal side effects. Depending on the size and color of your tattoo, the number of treatments will vary. Your tattoo may be removed in two to four visits, though many more sessions may be necessary. You should schedule a consultation, during which time a trained professional will evaluate your personal situation and advise you on the process.



                  You don't need to worry so much, there are numbers of good procedures available in market to remove your tattoo of any color, any size, any age. Best of them is YAG laser or tattoo removal machine, its a non-invasive procedure to remove tattoo of any kind, its very safe, and comfortable.


                    We all know that tattoos are more popular than ever. The bad news is that lots of people regret their tattoos for a variety of reasons. The good news is that laser tattoo removal is becoming a more acceptable form of erasing past mistakes.

                    There are several reasons why people want to remove their tattoos, but mostly because of indiscretion of youth.
                    Guys intending to join the military would want to remove their tattoos because any tattoo or brand located anywhere on the head or face are prohibited by the U.S. Army

                    Women may want to remove the tattoo on their ankle or leg so they can wear nylons in the workplace.

                    Or there is nothing like showing up for an job interview looking like a member of a gang and wondering you are never getting any call backs!

                    Lasers are the most popular method of tattoo removal these days. Laser tattoo removal has generally better results, less pain and less chances of scarring. But that is NO guarantee everything will work out perfectly. As always, KNOW YOUR RISKS!

                    I think the easiest way to explain how the laser tattoo removal works is this; when you get tattooed, the ink particles stays in the skin because it is too big for your tissue to remove. What the laser does is emit short, but powerful pulses of light that break the ink pigment into tiny particles, which are more easily removed by the body's immune system during the weeks and months following laser treatment.

                    The number of laser treatments to remove the unwanted tattoo varies depends on the type of ink used, how deep the ink was injected and the location of the tattoo. Also, keep in mind that the professional tattoos are much harder to remove than the "street" tattoos. That is because the professionals use better quality ink and tattoo equipment to insure and minimize fading of the tattoo.

                    The color of the ink is a big factor in determining how many laser treatments you will need to remove the tattoo. Black and blue tattoos are the easiest to remove while the green and yellow pigments are the hardest.

                    The usual laser tattoo removal process would require anywhere from 4 to 12 laser treatments spaced out 5 weeks apart. These parameters can change so be sure to discuss this with your laser technician.

                    The laser treatment can be painful and usually the laser technician will apply or recommend a topical anesthetic or "numbing cream" to reduce your skin's sensitivity to the laser pulses BEFORE the process starts.

                    Another thing to keep in mind is that laser tattoo removal can destroy hair follicles. So if you want to have a tattoo removed from an area where there is wanted hair growth, you may have to manually extract all follicles prior to treatment. Again, check with your laser technician to determine your exact risks.

                    Surprisingly in most areas, there are no license or certification required to operate a laser tattoo removal device. The lasers were originally designed for use by Doctors only -- but recent modifications made this device simple enough for anyone to learn to use and perform


                      You need to take Bloodborne Pathogen Training. All employees who could be “reasonably anticipated” to face contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) as the result of performing their assigned job duties. That includes Physicians, Nurses, Medical Students, Healthcare Workers, Paramedics, Firemen, Policemen, Emergency Responders, Teachers, School Staff, Tatoo Artists, Cleaning/Janitorial Staff, etc.

                      I've used They've got a really good OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Course that is 1 hour long and provides a certificate at the end.


                        Laser Tattoo Removal

                        Hi Adriani,

                        I once had a small but really vivid tattoo on my lower back. I enjoyed having it but I came to a point when I wanted to have it removed because of employment issues. Though I don't show my lower back when I dress up for work, I wanted to be on the safe side and so I decided to under go a painless laser tattoo removal treatment. The treatment works by concentrating the energy to the treated area to fragment the tattoo ink into smaller particles. The ink will then be absorbed in a natural way. I was actually scared before I had it removed because of the thought that it's going to burn my skin but the fact is, the laser is not the common laser that we know. It penetrates the skin in a harmless way.


                          Originally posted by tonnygarden View Post
                          Yeah.. My wife has removed her tattoo using laser method. She used to feel very uncomfortable because of her tattoo but after taking laser treatment, her tattoo has permanently gone.
                          I think same, laser is the best laser system for tattoo removal. You have to understand that lasers, by definition use a single wavelength. For thuue most part, this allows it to be absorbed by a single color. Here is some info that might help:
                          I had removed my tattoos by laser. Worked very well, although took five years of treatments to get all the green and red out.

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