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Feeling sad

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    Feeling sad

    Just needing to vent and cry for a minute before pulling myself together and picking up my son for a dental appointment. I don't want any of my friends or family to worry about me but I am worried about me. I thought I had recovered more than I have. I tried to run into walmart and thought it would be no big deal because I have been feeling stronger. I started out great until I got inside and realized my legs were done. I had to sit on a bench outside the restroom and ask a walmart attendant to find a motorized cart for me. They never came back. I finally stalked someone checking out and and was so relieved she didn't drive it to the parking lot. Most of my day I can get by with just a small amount of walking so it is easy to fool myself into thinking my MS is not affecting me. Today I was slapped in the face with reality.
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    July 2007-Rebif
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    Ah stacey - so sorry. Cry all those tears away! I can relate. I used to think I could do more than I let on, but not anymore. I'm almost 30 years into this thing and have to use a motorized cart in large stores - always! One time when I used one the battery went dead halfway into my shopping. I couldn't find an attendant anywhere, so I abandoned it and slowly walked back to the cart area to get another. Only one left and this battery was dead too! I left the store empty handed with grocery still in the abandoned cart...

    It's too bad the clerk didn't come back to you, but glad you eventually made it out OK. Sorry you got slapped in the face. MS does that.

    Take care and try to lift your spirits up. Tomorrow is another day.
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      Thanks Seasha

      I already feel better just knowing someone understands what I am going through.
      May 2003-Avonex started
      July 2007-Rebif
      Laugh than Pray!


        So sorry Stacey. That is horrible that the attendant never came back. People don't understand that for the people who need a cart, it is not a convenience thing, but a necessity.

        My legs are fine, so I don't experience it how you do. I struggle with my arm and hand, so forever dropping things. And forget shopping when tired, the right one is too weak. Frustrating to not be able to pick up a soup can.

        I hope you were able to get your tears out and pick up your son. Sometimes MS reality hits us hard when we least expect it.
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          Wow perspective

          So sorry to hear you have more trouble with your upper extremity. At least I can get help with the motorized cart!
          May 2003-Avonex started
          July 2007-Rebif
          Laugh than Pray!


            I am so very sorry Stacey

            I get it. Been there.

            Have you tried working with a Physical Therapist(PT)? If not please consider. It can take time to regain strength and endurance, but is possible for some. If not for PT and exercise I would have been in a wheelchair very early on.
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              Some stores here have a button to push to alert staff to your needs. It should be mandatory in all stores, sometimes when you finally get the cart the battery is already half dead. See if you can push for this kind of small but HUGE improvement. Best of luck for your next trip out.
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