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Pharmacy Insurance Question

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  • Tia1
    Yes, we have commercial insurance but through a different state, and gets billed through an HMO in my state. It's just for the billing, it took a little while for everyone to understand that I have a PPO and can make appointments without a referral, but its working fine now, even though it says HMO.

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  • KatW
    started a topic Pharmacy Insurance Question

    Pharmacy Insurance Question

    My grocery store pharmacy has suddenly reclassified my health insurance as a government program. It is not. It is commercial health insurance purchased thorough my husband's work which happens to be a state university. Has anyone else dealt with this situation? Because of the reclassification, we do not qualify for any of the coupons or benefits offered by the pharmacy. We can easily change pharmacies but my husband likes the staff at this pharmacy and it is convenient. I did contact the insurance and they verified that it is a commercial policy.