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Handwriting changes & absentee ballot

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    Handwriting changes & absentee ballot

    Hi all~

    My handwriting is headed south, thanks to MS. I still have some good days, but they they are becoming fewer and fewer.

    I'm in the higher risk group for the coronavirus, so got an absentee ballot for the election. First time I requested one, and waited until I had a good day to sign it. Looked pretty good when I did it a few times on a separate piece of paper first. Well, it didn't turn out well when I signed the envelope! It's a shaky resemblance of the one that's in my voter registration file. That one is over 4 years old, because I could renew my state ID (no longer drive) by mail last time.

    I read they look for a minimum of two letters to match, but don't know how reliable that info is. So now it's vote in person or take my chances it will be accepted (plan was to drop it off at my county clerk's office). Great.

    Our state's election law does allow voters unable to sign due to a physical impairment to make a "mark" or they can use a signature stamp. Well, guessing that means I could make an "X"? Don't have a signature stamp. But how do they verify you have a physical impairment? Guess that's stuff I need to find out for the future.

    We can still vote in person in my state, as long as we have spoiled our absentee ballot or bring with it with us when we go to the polling place. My husband and daughter are voting in person (it's her first time ). I've been mulling it over for a few days, and decided I will, too. I also live in one the state's that could decide election. Our coronovirus virus cases are surging, but guess I'll take my chances. It's too important to me to have my vote counted.

    Will be bringing my own pen! But just another issue to deal with because of my of my MS.

    “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck

    I'm Canadian, so obviously I have no American election knowledge. But, I have worked many, many elections in Canada, both provincially and federally. One thing that is pounded into our heads in training is to ensure we accommodate any and ALL disabilities. If it is possible to call the office or where ever your ballot ends up and let them know of your issue it might help. They might be able to make a note such that your ballot is accepted even if the handwriting doesn't match.
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      Good for you Kimba. Yes, it's very important to have our vote counted that is if everyone is practicing social distancing and mask.

      Stay Safe
      God Bless Us All


        Thanks, Pistachio and Reg.

        I plan to contact my city clerks office before our next election.

        It was busy, but didnt have to wait in any lines. Was happy to see everyone wearing a mask, even though they weren't required.

        The weather cooperated, too, which was nice! 🌞

        “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ― Max Planck


          Contacting your county clerk's election office before the next election is as good idea. I know that our office is very helpful.

          But ((sigh)). One additional problem.
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            This was a very big worry for me, too. I can write the first letter of my first name and start my last but have resigned myself to settle for a squiggly line.

            I checked with our election office and saw that it was accepted. I had a caregiver hand deliver it long before the big day.

            It was really heartening to hear that, if signatures didn’t match, the election offices were contacting the voter and giving them a chance to resolve it or explain it.

            This election is over but voting is part of our lives. We need to be assured our vote counts.