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    Originally posted by palmtree View Post
    This whole thing is so confusing. I called the Housing Agency where I had accidentally applied online and on Monday a guy told me the thing was legitimate and my name had come up. I asked why was it scheduled on Saturday when you are not open on Saturdays?

    He said,well we had a special day when we were open on Saturday. There is a lot of relief that my personal information was not compromised. If I had lived in the jurisdiction where I applied it would have been better. But I am happy where I live. Have friends here.

    Called the local housing agency and they told me my name is still on the list. Whew! I just have to be patient.

    Thanks for all your concern.
    That's good news! Thanks for letting us know, palmtree.

    Take Care
    PPMS for 26 years (dx 1998)
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      Originally posted by KoKo View Post
      That's good news! Thanks for letting us know, palmtree.

      Take Care
      Thank, Koko.


        Hopefully your wait won't be too long. So does that mean you still have the interview on a Saturday then? And is it soon? Lots of luck.
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          The Saturday has come and gone, now I call everyday to make sure Iím still on the list. Itís stuck at 191. I asked them what that means in time and they donít know.

          The stakes are so high because I am juggling finances like crazy to stay afloat. I donít know what I would do without the friends and family that help out.

          It could be another 3 years. I just hope I am healthy enough to benefit from it when it comes.

          Thanks to all for helping me ride this roller coaster!