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looking for others in joshua tree area for support

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    looking for others in joshua tree area for support

    Hi all I met one person in my area through an online ad that I posted a while back she is really nice and I love to hear from her but we both were hoping to find others for to get together may be doing a lunch or something I finally met her in person on my birthday yesterday witch was great I was werried that I'd never have a chance to meet her but luckily my sister took me to see her and it was great I just hope to find others in our oasis of peace witch is Joshua Tree ca. It's kind of hard being on able to talk about our health and our lives when it seems like only the people that are responding are those that want to use you or sell us something or druggies and I'm just not sure what to say or do see as before I used to make statues and back in the day I owned my own landscaping business and in between I worked as a barn manager at a horse ranch in Thermal ca. Small ranch 15 acres but still none the less till I kept passing out. Now I'm just lucky to get up and take care of myself at times cause of my health is up and down gotta go hope that can find out if there's other's up were I live

    Hi Bobby - I don't live near you so I can't be of help, but have you tried contacting the local chapter of the National MS Society in your area to find a MS support group?

    If not, you might want to check out this link for finding a chapter near you. or you could call 1-800-344-4867 and ask.

    Hopefully too, someone here might connect with you as well.
    Stay well and good luck!
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      Yes I did and the closest one is an hour away and with my health it's difficult for me I'm on oxygen 24/7or I'm supposed to be then I don't drive much more cause I get luppy and it's probably from the copd I'm thinking more of not sure cause my o2 has been 85 to 96 depending on a lot of stuff but write now I was supposed to go to ms special list in Riverside but I'm just to weak to go it's 3 hours away I don't know I made a great friend that I talk to often and I got to meet her finally on my birthday this last Monday we talk about everything she so cool too she lives in Landers just down the road from me and my sister took me to meet her and it was great to finally get to meet her I just wish we could have met sooner that's okay I just am glad and hope to find a group to start or something but for now I just have to wait and see.
      Sorry about the way I write I'm doing this on my phone and I just can't do sentence or paragraphs rite so talk to you guys later


        Thanks Bobby!!

        Thanks for the nice words you said about me. =) I'm glad we got to meet each other too. It helps so much to have someone to talk to who can relate to you. There is so much about this darn disease that people who don't have it just don't understand, or think they understand but really don't have a clue.

        Like when you talk about fatigue. People will say oh I know how you feel all the errands I ran yesterday just wiped me out. Or, ya I hear ya I didn't get much sleep last night. It's so frustrating because our kind of fatigue is so much different and disabling. I have severe fatigue from what seems like nothing so I cant even attempt to do an errand let alone many. I wish I could get up and do a day full of errands. It's like feeling like I participated in a iron man competition when all I did was do a load of laundry. And its just not feeling tired. It's like your limbs are so heavy and no matter how bad I try to stay awake I still fall asleep.

        I get that from my mom all the time, ou just gotta try and stay awake, I know you are tired but you can hang in there till 8:00 pm. No mom, I can't, I don't have a choice, I cant control it. I wish people could spend a day in our shoes. I wish she knew that I have no power over the fatigue, our fatigue needs a different name. Fatigue is just feeling tired, but for us it's so much more.