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We lost a member today, but Heaven gained an Angel.

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    We lost a member today, but Heaven gained an Angel.

    My dear friend, Angel (angelpach) passed away today from bone cancer. She was a member of this site for years, and in fact, I met her on here at MSWorld. I got to visit her several times as we both live in the same city, and we became good friends on Facebook. She made the most beautiful rag quilts and many now treasure these Angel-made quilts.

    When she was diagnosed with rare bone cancer last year, I started a FB page for her called Even Angels Need Prayers Sometimes. She was the strongest lady I have ever known and dealt with so much with both MS and cancer. She had unwavering faith and love for God and everyone. She fought a good fight; but in the end, her tiny body just couldn't take anymore and it was just time for her to go Home. She earned her wings today. To have been such a petite little Angel, she will certainly leave a huge hole in the lives of all who had the honor of knowing and loving her.

    Love and Angel hugs (@@@@@@@) to my dear friend. You will be missed!
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend. You were both blessed to have known each other.


      I remember angelpach and am saddened and sorry to hear the news.. Her name Angel is so fitting. I will send good thoughts and prayers for her family and you too, Lisa.
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        I'm sorry for your loss.


          Thanks for sharing.

          ~ Faith
          ~ Faith
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            I'm so sorry to hear this. People are brought into our lives for a reason and it sure sounds like she made a beautiful impact on yours.

            May she rest in peace among the Angels.


              I'm really sorry to hear this, Shashi. Angel fought a hard fight. As sad as it is she's gone from our earthly home, I hope you can take comfort in knowing your dear friend is now rejoicing among the Angels in Heaven.

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                I'm so sorry to hear this Lisa, may she rest in peace.
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                  Doesn't seem right to have to battle so many devastating illnesses. Please send sympathies to her family. And take care of yourself. We need you!

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                    I remember her also. this is terrible news! I am so sorry.remember to take care of yourself during this stressful time.
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                      Good to hear from you Shashi!

                      Glad you and Angelpach were able to connect via MSWorld in the first place. You can tell your friendship and timing was meant to be!

                      Happy her battle is over and has relief! But even happier that she spent time with us and with you. I wish I would've known she was suffering, poor thing.

                      Please keep us informed as to how YOU are doing ok? Miss you..

                      Hugs, Jan
                      I believe in miracles~!
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                        Shashi, and please extend MY sympathies & hugs to her family/friends. She seems to have had a great impact on many lives. She will probably continue to touch many lives..after all.. she IS an angel!

                        I remember when my husband passed. 100s of MSWorld members signed the online virtual guest book. It blew me away.

                        I believe in miracles~!
                        2004 Benign MS 2008 NOT MS
                        Finally DX: RR MS 02.24.10


                          so very sorry!!
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                            I am so sorry for you and her family and friends. I am happy for her that the suffering is over. Prayers for you all!


                              many blessings


                              Sorry for your loss. These friends of ours are so strong. Glad she was able to touch your life as she has others. The amazing strengths that these people ooze with is amazing and they bless us.

                              I lost a dear friend last fall. Same thing. MS then stage four breast cancer to the bone. God blessed us with two more years beyond that. And, she too, oozed with amazing strength. I was blessed knowing and being friends with her. As it sounds you, and many others, have been blessed with her love.

                              If only we can do a little bit of oozing like they did.

                              I extend my love and sympathies to you. This also will extend to her family and friends. IMO please share these posts with them, if you wish.
                              God Bless and have a good day, Mary