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Am I the only one???

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    Am I the only one???

    I'm A 43 year old male dealing with ms and feel like I never get A break from this before there is something else to deal with like my walking and balance wasn't enough now i'm trying to find out whats wrong with my vision and bladder and i'm having a terrible sensation in my arms only when there's a lightning storm out does anyone else have a sensation throughout there body like this? By the way my name is Glenn...

    for your vision issues, see an eye doctor (neuro optometrist if possible) as soon as you can! For your bladder issues, see a urologist. And let your neurologist know you are experiencing these problems.
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      Hang in there

      I just moved recently and boom huge attack, I feel ur pain, but it will pass!!!! For me 13000 mg solumedrol yes really!!!! 5 days, break, 3 days, break, 5 more days ahh couldn't walk, bb accidents, balance HUGE could hardly walk then fell on face in gravel!!!!!!!

      All that to's not the end and should pass hang in there, btw I'm ok bal off a little but won't give up working on balance exercises


        Hi Glenn. Are you new to having MS? For me literally overnight I went from healthy to chronically ill. I was always the one jogging, eating "weeds," and never sick, smugly watching my friends chain smoke and pound down the cheesesteaks. The ER was mostly filled with older people, and with one exception they all had better mobility than I did. The doctors told me I had a brain tumor (=huge lesion), and I could see it riddled my CNS, so I called everyone and told them I was going to die. Later I had to amend that and never got to tell people on my own terms what I had or whom I was going to disclose to, but thankfully I never told my boss.

        A week later I was on the floor of the bathroom, crying uncontrollably and manually moving my bowels. I was taking four laxatives a day, not eating any meat, and drinking fiber, too ashamed to make a doctor's appointment or talk to anyone. I couldn't feel anything below my 10th rib. I'd spend 1 hour+ in the employee bathroom, first to try and pee, then to clean up the gloves, blood, feces, etc., and then to try and make it look like I hadn't been crying. I also became aware that I had lost my sense of smell, so I lived in constant panic that it would be apparent to someone that I had temporarily turned the bathroom into a cross between a Carnival cruise ship and a slaughterhouse.

        Three weeks after that, I tried for intimacy, but when I went to "close the deal" I didn't feel anything except for electrical shocks in my left leg. I write everything down now, even though I had an eidetic memory in college and had a full scholarship. Everyone will comment on how I can't remember names. I used to have a pretty even temperament, but now have difficulty modulating my emotions. If I temporarily forget I have MS because something is engaging or fun, I will lean my head forward a bit too far or slur my speech and remember.

        I work full time but also had a thriving side business; within a month it had irreparably cratered. I haven't gone blind or partially blind yet, but I'm just waiting for the axe to fall, and hoping it's gradual and not in the center lane of I-95. Grateful for: not actually dying from metastatic cancer, for the most part not feeling/being in pain, having good insurance through my job, having a therapy available with twice the efficacy of the CRABs/Copaxone, not going psychotic like some people do with lupus. It sucks though, it really, really sucks.