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Vertigo again, really??

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    Vertigo again, really??

    I've had vertigo in the past as an issue, but after some time, it subsided. The only med that helped was Valium, as none of the 'motion-sickness' meds worked for me. Today it returned out of nowhere with a vengeance while I was out shopping. It's not constant, episodes come & go, but when they come, it's very strong. I can't lay down when it happens & closing my eyes isn't helping.

    Here's my question...does anyone out there have a remedy that will help? My first grandson is to be born tomorrow, and my son has asked me to be there for support in the waiting room until after the birth, when I will finally meet the little guy! I don't have time for vertigo now & am open to suggestions!

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    Valium prn along with compazine for nausea. That is the only combo that works for me. I have it constantly thanks to a lovely brainstem lesion. But, I function with the valium and compazine so it works for me. Sounds like it worked for you in the past.

    Good luck
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      Call your neuro or GP first thing in the morning, maybe they'll phone something in. I think any of the benzos work. I take A low dose of Klonopin, and when vertigo hits the neuro has always said just increase the dose until the vertigo subsides.

      But if you don't have meds on hand, sometime neck stretching exercises, done very slowly will give me a bit of relief. It'll be hard in the situation at the hospital, but I've found the less motion in my neck/head area means less vertigo.

      Congrats and the new granddaughter!



        I am actually have the spinning stuff this morning. Have been using Valium for years for it, the only thing that helps (I know, doc tried several other drugs first with no results). As soon as I feel the spinny stuff start, I immediately take a 1/2 of Valium and usually within a short amount of time it subsides. I empathize because it really is an awful feeling.