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"Strange" headaches; MS related or not??

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    "Strange" headaches; MS related or not??

    I began, about a year ago (?) getting sensitive spots on my scalp that have become increasingly painful. Now, they seem to occur at the same time I get a headache. My pcp said it sounded like nerve pain or something MS related. My neuro said it was muscular. I just know that it hurts!

    Usually, my headaches are easily enough explained: face, forehad, and under eyes = sinus headache; whole-head ache during my period = menstrual headache; back of the neck is usually a tension headache, etc. I can usually tell why I have one. But....ever since I have had the "never-ending sinus/ear infections (I THINK that is basically cleared up), I have been getting (in addition to obvious sinus pain) shockingly painful headaches on one side of my head along with the painful scalp patches of pain.

    When it's muscular, I can usually hold pressure on that spot until it starts to clear up, and then let go. I usually feel relief and a bit of dizziness, as the blood circulation kicks back in. However, when I put pressure on these areas, there is the OPPOSITE of relief; increased pain, even sharp and shocking, is the result.

    Over Christmas break, I was visiting my family in N.C., and was surprised to find that my mom AND my younger brother have the same scalp tenderness/pain. My brother attributes it to changes in the weather (cold or rain). My mom has so many things going on medically that she isn't sure what causes it.

    Anyone else have this type of headache or tenderness of the scalp? I know there are certain types of headaches (sinus, muscular, migraine, etc.). Does anyone know what is causing these or does anyone else experience these??


    I have been having headaches for the last few weeks. Mostly at night after, usually waking up with them. I dont think mine are like you describe as sensitive spots though. I hope
    you get relief from them.


      I have the same thing happen and my doc called them ice pick headaches. They are short bursts of pain that last for a little while.
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        Hello, I have been getting one sided headaches for 30 years but what really freaked me out was in your post you said you were getting sore spots on your scalp. Just in the last year have I had this and when I told my doctors they looked at me like I am nuts so I will be really interested to hear what you find out.



          Thanks for your replies. I haven't found out anything new, Tortis. I do find it odd that my mom and my brother exerience the same thing (tender spots on scalp). I also find it interesting that my pcp immediately said it must be ms related, but my neuro dismissed it as muscular.

          Unfortunately, my dentist also told me that my TMJ seems to be returning (the pain in my jaws and around my ears). Holding off on any mouthpiece for now (ins. doesn't cover). Hoping it is just from stress and that the stress will be alleviated after awhile; was a very stressful fall semester b/c of my dh's schedule. He has a better schedule now, and is home in the afternoons/evenings.

          Still am puzzled over the tender spots, though... Was supposed to have an MRI today, but had to cancel due to hazardous driving conditions (school was closed, also). Wondering if the MRI will show something that may explain it?? Rescheduled to early February.


            Hi...I've had something, stabbing pains in the back of my head that are so intense I sometimes lose consciousness for a moment. They are unbearable. They seem like nerve pain, but also somewhat muscular. Historically I have often been in some kind of stress when they occurred-the first time being as a kid. I don't know if they are MS-related or not. None of my brain MRI's have ever shown anything?

            Good luck to you, and I am sorry for what you have been going through. In your case there seems to be genetics involved because of your family having the same issues...

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              I was getting headaches since around July or August, seemed like sinus... even took antibiotics for awhile.. nothing.. I was also getting the MS hug every now and then on top of it.. and get this.. felt like my neckline on my shirt was choking me now and then and it would be a loose v neck! I finally went to a Physical Therapist for those things, not the headaches... turns out my muscles were all so tight in my neck.. front and back muscles! I didn't even think about front neck muscles... he started doing massage therapy and could FEEL the tightness in 3 or 4 places... cured my headaches! He told me right away that EVERYTHING I was experiencing was from all those tight muscles and the more I stressed on it all, the worse they got!! I also had an MRI and it found nothing except the old lesions from my MS. I thought for sure I had a tumor in my spine or brain!