I'm currently in a flare up of symptoms of whatever this is. (No diagnosis after six years.) During this episode, I've notice a distinct group of symptoms that from what I recall, have been pretty consistent through the last few flare ups.

They consist of severe fatigue that is untouched by alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine. The fatigue lasted about a week and a half. Then hand pain sets in toward the end of the fatigue episode (this time in my right hand). So far, this severe pain has lasted about two weeks. I've also had some bladder issues (urge incontinence). And for some reason, I'm having very vivid dreams that seem to go on all night long. The dreams have been happening for the last week.

I remember some of these symptoms from earlier exacerbations, though not all of them have been at the same time. Some, like the bladder problems seem new. I'm not really asking a question here, I guess, just more documenting these issues so in the future I can find this and see what was going on. But if you have any comments or suggestions for alleviating these issues, especially this horrible hand pain, I'm all ears. (Or eyes, I guess. ) Oh, and I know I should call my neurologist, but I don't have the money to see her since I have a very large insurance deductible.