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MS hug? Not sure...

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    MS hug? Not sure...

    I ahve never had the MS hug. My symptoms are primarily sensory, with some balance issues. I have had pain in my left leg, which is my more affected side, although I don't know if that's MS. I do tire more easily than I used to, but I am 55 yrs old. I do think I am weaker than I used to be, but mostly I am quite functional.
    The past few days, I feel sore in my ribcage, on one side, almost like a charley horse from exercising, but I didn't exercise. It goes from my waist up to the middle of my ribcage, and is mostly on the side of my body, and goes around the back a little. I thought maybe I did pull a muscle, and have been waiting for it to subside, but it is only getting worse. It is not awful, but it is quite noticeable, and at times, is a real sharp pain. It has not affected my breathing.
    Does this sound like the hug? I didn't think it was, but did soem reading that made me wonder. I thought the hug had to encompass the body--mine doesn't.
    And if its the hug, do I need to contact my MS specialist? He's an hour away, and I don't htink I want steroids. I have never had them for MS, and don't feel that impacted....are steroids really a personal choice? Or medically indicated?
    Thanks for any help....

    I *think* you can get the hug on just one side. Not totally sure. This is just my opinion: if the pain is not that bad and you hate steroids, maybe just leave it.

    My hug goes all the way around, like an iron belt. The pain is agonizing, like an 8 or 9. Just as bad as labor pains. It can stretch into an iron girdle, going from my armpits to my hips. I'm taking a lot of meds to "hide" the pain so I can function.
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      I recently wrote a piece on this, you can find the address for my blog in my profile. MS hug like many other symptoms vary from patient to patient but it is always a good idea to let your health care provider know to rule out other underlying causes.
      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and that way you have all your bases covered.


        First of all, I am sorry you are going through this. Is it the hug? perhaps.. hate that term though LOL.

        But my worst symptom has been the hug and it started much like you yes you can get it on one side. I think, IMO, that its part of spasticity. Now that I am on meds for spasticity, mostly in my legs, the "Hug" has been few and far between.

        Hope you get some relief.. and soon.

        I believe in miracles~!
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