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Rigid vs folding manual wheelchair

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    Rigid vs folding manual wheelchair

    I am currently working with a seating clinic to get my second manual wheelchair. I would like to get a rigid Tilte chair for the simplicity and lightness. I don't leave the house independently or propel myself much as my husband pushes me and goes out with me whenever I leave the house.

    My MS has progressed significantly over the years since I got my first fold up chair from a different seating clinic.

    My current seating clinic does not recommend a rigid chair due to it not being adjustable. The Ki Mobility chair I have had for the past 10 years has never been adjusted for me and there are so many parts that get loose due to all the options. Both my husband and I have not been happy with it.

    Any feedback on rigid versus fold up chairs for those in a progressive state of MS?

    Ask the seating clinic if you can borrow a rigid wheelchair for a week or two. This is the best way to see how it will fit into your life.

    The most important question is can you transport a rigid wheelchair in a vehicle? Since they do not fold they require more physical space to store, transport, etc.

    Rigid wheelchairs normally provide a smoother ride because the frame absorbs more of the road wear. The frames of rigid chairs are lighter so the overall chair will weigh a few pounds less. The seating vendor should try to get you a titanium wheelchair because you lack the upper body strength to lift the wheelchair. That will also save you a few pounds and make a difference in lifting the wheelchair.

    Here's a longer write up of the differences:

    I wish you well...


      Great information/article. Thank you Marco.