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    Originally posted by jumpinjiminy View Post

    I'd rather see the resources catching cheats be focused on the white collar criminals that pilfer millions and billions from the system - say medicare fraud.

    " Steal a little,they put you in jail. Steal a lot, they will make you a king." (Bob Dylan?)

    This has been a much more exciting and fun topic than I ever imagined!

    I think cheating the system happens but not as often as people think.

    Sort of like the way insurance companies always cry fraud but when it is their turn to pay, it is always a little short.
    (Anybody that has ever had a home-owners insurance claim knows what I am talking about?)

    Short 500 people a thousand dollars each= $500,000.00 just like that. (happens all day with high-fives all around the office for hitting a goal!)

    I think striving to get ahead is human nature.
    Anybody that thinks public assistance is the fast lane to riches is so stupid...they probably need public assistance?

    I don't mean to bash dumb people. I am just pointing out, it is difficult to keep a steady income if you are slow in the head or a little nuts.
    If we ignore them today we can pay for them in the prison system next week.
    (basic care is cheaper for the public)


      Originally posted by juliebrush View Post
      Who doesn't need it is the question? My money goes to so many doc appts.,med costs,etc....not much left after paying to eat and have a car and a roof over my head,so heck yeah,I need financial assistance. If I were a trustfunder or movie star or paid a ridiculous amount of money for doing nothing,I'd be fine,and probably would feel better.
      Exactly Julie.... Maybe I should gave stated, for those that need it. I would rather work than collect a check.. but its getting a bit hard for me to sit all day at a computer. I cannot afford to quit, I have more expenses than money coming in. So I can definitely use an extra monthly check.



        WOW.. had no idea I would get so many responses from this post.. I appreciate everyone's feedback.

        MSRX - very good point - why get a monthly check if you don't need it... I should have stated for those that need it.. I have more expenses than money coming in, therefore, I definitely can use the extra money :0)

        Julie - yes, you have to be unemployed to file for SSI.... I contacted an attorney and he said if you work, you cannot work more than 10 hours a week.. YIKES.. I guess you can make enough for gas money to get you back and forth to work... GEEZE

        Also with SSDI, there is a chance you can be turned down several times before it is approved.. in the meanime how do you live - especially if you are single...

        Pretty interesting responses...

        Ms. Jay


          Leaky Boat

          The US is alone among "developed" countries to send its less-than-healthy citizens out to sea. Having had serious bouts of illness over three decades, I've seen my hard-won savings battered and depleted again and again. Yes, I love to work (teacher, journalist, translator, etc.), but I don't have the stamina to keep at it the way I'd need to if I wasn't periodically knocked on my ear. Lost last good job and then lost Cobra, then big bad relapses in 2004 & 2005 with no insurance took the rest of what I had. Now on Medicaid and in that lovely limbo where if I work (have just started a new job w/o benefits) I'll lose my health care but not have enough to pay for insurance.

          Good and sick now. MS grinds you down over time and implies many needs, including if possible extra help with things like shopping and cleaning, maybe even (God forbid!) a massage once in a while. No one pays for that stuff. Can't afford going to the movies? Stay home and watch online. Of course this shouldn't be happening. Welfare "cheats" have nothing to do with this.

          I have never applied for disability because I want to work and didn't consider myself disabled. Now I think I am but am afraid of being denied and the stress of going through the process. IT shouldn't be all or nothing. In Europe you can work and still receive the support and services they understand are part of the unfortunate package of having a complex chronic illness. They even send people with MS to places in the country where they can REST and RELAX. Then they go back to work and are able to feel productive.

          Thanks for starting this discussion. It's important. It's about the quality of life for people with MS but also the quality of the society we live in.

          ***Post broken into paragraphs by Moderator for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print.***