Remember to Laugh Out Loud

Humor and lifestyle are vital to our overall health and well being.  I believe that attitude and the ability to accept the difficult times opens the door to deep laughter.  Enjoy living as much as you can.

Marcia Rosen-Kain

A few years ago, I poked by rear end with my knitting needle!!  After waking up one morning, I came out of the bedroom and went straight to the couch as I was feeling a little bit unstable. Plunked down hard right into my ball of yarn with a knitting needle sticking up! The weird part is that I hadn’t felt the puncture, but as I stood up again, the look on my husband’s face seeing a knitting needle poking out from my behind was a total give away.

He yanked hard and it finally gave way. Said it went in about an inch (and if any of you knit, it was a size 8 – not to large, but not too small either). So, there I was with a hole in my bum and it started to hurt! I felt so STUPID. With some advil & hydrogen peroxide & a bandage, I was OK.

Prior to this, I had given myself shots for 11 years, but never with a knitting needle!

This can happen!

bump_in_defaultWhen Kathleen met Alan (holding the camera) at a conference some years ago.  I’m certainly glad I tried this while I could.  Alan? Not so much…

Judy M

When I was first diagnosed, after my exam I was taken to a room with a lot of literature. I was seated at a big round table. The doctor came over to me and asked how I was with needles. I said ‘Ok, I guess, I sew.” And I meant it. I had no idea what possible other reason he would have for asking me about needles. Then he sat down and showed me a kit with an auto injector. Well, those kind of needles have never been my favorite. I may not have been laughing, but somehow, I bet he did. By the way, I did get on to doing my own shots quite well by reading what others had to say. When I saw how hard it was for some folks, I made my mind up then and there that I was going to make it easy on myself and did.

 Dave A

Another time … I was riding around in the back yard on a scooter and I saw some deer in the field. I rode into the house and grabbed my binoculars, and did not tell anyone where I was going. As I rode out into the field of corn I hit a rut and tipped over, but the bad thing was I fell onto a pricker bush. As if that was not uncomfortable enough, being poked by sharp thorns with every movement, it was summer and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

It was evening and as I laid there unable to move the mosquitoes started to come out and I was a rather easy target. Needless to say, by the time someone discovered me what part of me wasn’t poked by thorns was bitten by mosquitoes!

 What would we do without our mischievous pet-friends!

Violet watching after the little fish!

Travel Adventures

Lynda L

When I first came to France I needed some stamps. My husband pulled up by the post office and I went in. A woman asked what I wanted and in my best French said onze timbre poste.
She looked at me and started laughing. Oh I thought I had gotten the French wrong but no I had walked into the womans home and was standing in her lounge, the post office was next door.
We laughed a lot and when I appeared from the womans home the look on my husbands face was a picture he was pointing to the post office. I could not stop laughing and even after 12 years I still laugh when I think os it which is often everytime I go into a post office.

Kim F

During a visit to Disney World, my family went to a character meal at a restaurant where the Winnie the Pooh characters are. We stopped in the lobby after we finished eating, probably to decide where we were going next.

I was sitting in my wheelchair, when Piglet came out of the restaurant, into the lobby, and decided to step right in front of me. He obviously didn’t take into account my footrests (not like he had the best view from inside his costume). He tripped on them, fell (hard), and rolled. Poor thing, that had to hurt! But, he still managed to jump to his feet and hobble across the lobby.

To this day, my family says I tried to kill Piglet.

Maybe you’re having a day… and just want to screeeeam but don’t quite have the energy?  Let MSWorld scream for you!

thescream-1Cover your ears and press play or turn down the volume just in case.

 Mary K

As a pre-teen struggling to fit in, this still makes me laugh when I think of it. I was attending a Sunday School class that one of my uncles taught. When my fellow classmates asked my uncle what his first name was, I knew I was doomed. Because, this uncle was one of two uncles, that I could not keep their first names straight. So, when my uncle came around to me at the end of the class and asked me  what his first name was…  My response: “Uncle.” But, I saved face with my uncle who still to this day, even though he is not alive, is more important then my classmates and friends.


Judy M

My best friend and her husband had a very nice Winter home in Florida. They had a Florida room that was accessible via a sliding glass door. Eddie was quite the character. One morning, they were doing their normal morning things and he decided to go outside via the sliding glass door/Florida room. He was walking at a fairly steady pace and never stopped UNTIL he ran his nose right in to it! He looked befuddled at his wife and said “That’s a stupid place for a door!” She said she couldn’t stop laughing and neither can anyone else who hears about it. To prevent the same thing from happening again, they got a decorative stencil that he could see. The thought was the door was too darn clean!

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