Define Your Lifestyle

When facing a life with Multiple Sclerosis we can make choices to create a lifestyle (way) we will live.  I was diagnosed with MS in 1988 and in spite of the ups and downs, today my journey is more challenging, inspiring and fulfilling than ever before.  It also carries the heaviest disappointments and frustrations I’ve ever experienced in my life.  How does one cope?  I believe that life by itself is enough and that each morning is an opportunity to see what it’s all about.  I love living.  A positive attitude certainly helps in many ways but can’t remove the realities and losses we must face.  What to do?

Take some time to dream a little and imagine what you want.

The wellness center is a place to share and explore who we are and what we can do.  Thank you for visiting.  Please check back often because content will change as we change.  You will see fewer selections here to help highlight what’s new and/or interesting.   I hope that the wellness center will offer positive thoughts and ideas to consider when living a life with multiple sclerosis.  “Wellness is a State of Mind”

Kathleen Wilson  
Founding President
MSWorld. Inc.


1.  Explore Your Feelings 

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2. Learn About Lifestyle Choices

My top picks:

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If you are interested in exploring a dietary approach to support good health, this is my top pick.


Sarah Ballentine summarizes the Paleo Approach Reversing Autoimmune Disease

 3. Discover what you love to do and go for it.

Plants Indoors/Outdoors, Beautiful/Edible. This year I started learning about the joy of growing plants.


 I created a small cactus garden on my fireplace mantel.

I am now building a vegetable garden on my deck.  Caregivers can become your family and community.  We are just getting started and I can’t wait to see what a little space can do.

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Every day my lifestyle evolves and changes to maximize the amount of joy that I can grab onto in spite of the many limitations imposed on me by MS.  Focus.

Together we can inspire each other by sharing what defines a lifestyle living with MS.  What are you doing?  Thank you and be well.

There truly is a magic that happens when we help other people face their challenges.