My wife of 25 years then DX in 2004. Type A person, highly intelligent (4.0 MBA), etc. Couldn't take Rebif - to many side effects, allergic reaction to Copaxone, since late 2007 infused monthly with IVIG. Only uses a walking stick for balance. Slow start in the morning, some fatigue, some cognitive issues (Aricept helps).

However, in the intervening 9 years, she has tasered me, moved out of the bedroom for a year, hit me with trashcans, thrown many varied and sundry things at me, been arrested for assaulting a police officer, assaulted our grown daughter in front of our grandkids, assaulted our son for making a fire "wrong" in the fireplace, threatened to "break his bones" while he was recuperating from an operation, leapt on the church nurse's car as it was moving, asked not to come back after volunteering at over 4 different charities, asked to leave courses she's tried to take at some colleges around us. Some friends of ours are scared of her - less than 5'4", less than 120lbs.

Going on several rants lasting anywhere from 1/2 to a full hour that can be set off by saying a medicine I take has no taste or I was dropping Bible study or she felt our son did not answer her phone call with enough respect. Or a lady in her prayer group looked at her watch while my wife was talking.

Most recently, she accused me of having an affair, stealing money from her, plotting to have her "put away", "hacking" into her e-mail, monitoring her computer and filed for divorce; getting a restraining order against me after she again threw a sugar bowl at me, broke off a necklace I was wearing, ripped the shirt I had on, kicked me in the stomach and groin to the point I had to leave. She sent e-mails to my work telling them I'm stealing from them and they needed to watch out for me.

This after spending $100,000 remodeling the house, along with cruises in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean in the last 3 years.

I've had Pastors tell me to give it up, the police have said to me I need to look after myself, therapists have told me to stay away. But how do I reconcile this against now 30+ years of marriage and the knowledge that it is the MS that's causing this?