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My bad, pays to read thing correctly not skim over them.

I see they use it for fibromyalgia, my mother has fibro, has been mentioned for me but they canít make a decision on that either.

i know effects on people are different with drugs, my mother takes amitriptyline and Wakes up tired and not clear, it had the same effect on me. This is half the reason Iím not taking anything anymore and putting up with symptoms, I still work and struggle to function on other drugs.

do people from what you have seen wake a lot clearer on LDN vs some others?
I understand what you mean by waking up tired and unclear; I would be reluctant to take anything which contributes to those effects, also.

I believe that generally, people try LDN for 30 days and if it has no effect for them, they stop taking it. And, if it has good effect, they continue. I don't believe an individual's response can be predictable. But since aspirin has reported more serious side effects than LDN it seems prudent just to try it and see what, if any, effects it has individually.

Of course, we all hope for the occasional report of outstanding effectiveness but those reports are occasional. Linda Elsegood (you can google her name and include LDN to get the correct lady), from the UK, has been one of the outstanding responders to LDN and subsequently has devoted her life to making others aware of its potential.

I am convinced of LDN's validity and effectiveness so we use it in this household and have for many years.

There is a free online publication authored by Cris Kerr, one of your fellow Aussies, btw, which is a compilation of many people using LDN. You may want to check that out. I've had the pleasure of communicating with Chris in the past and always found her brilliant and compassionate. Her desire was to furnish people with testimony from LDN users, do it for free, and she did so by publishing online at no cost, "Those Who Suffer Much, Know Much". You can google it if you wish. Cris Kerr's integrity is unquestionable, IMO.

Best of luck to you, Kez. As I mentioned, if I faced the issues you mentioned, I would leave no stone unturned looking for what may help.

A few responses to LDN have been simply remarkable, Linda Elsegood belongs in that category so I understand her enthusiasm regarding LDN. I met with her face to face with the sole intention of discovering if she was a phony. On the contrary, she is a most sincere person with tremendous integrity. She is an exceptional responder to LDN. More often, I believe most using LDN experience benefits important enough to continue with it; not all, that's for sure, but most.

Personally, I believe taking LDN before bedtime makes my mornings more clear and less tired than not taking it.