I've been diagnosed for 15 years. One day I am pulling weeds on a nice day not even breaking a sweat andtwo to three days later I'm being taken by ambulance to the hospital only remembering bits and pieces at best and not even sure if any of it is real. I am home now having inhome therapies. I'm being told it is the worst exaserbation i've ever had and by the way I feel, I don't doubt it.

My question is my muscle strength. they make a big deal because I can feed myself when I drop it alll over and eat like an animal, everything I do takes every bit of energy both physically and cognitavly to even write this. everything is a struggle and so confusing. I don't remember coversations or even seeing people. It is hard not nowing what is even real. did I eat? sometimes i know, sometimes i guess. I'm never left alone and have dreams that range from dreams to terror that I have trouble waking up from.

anyone ever dealt with this and came back to close to your old self? my whole body is effected except my speech. its unusnal because it is one of the first things to go but what ai say doesn't make sense a lot of the time to me.

** Moderator's note - Post broken into paragraphs for easier reading. Many people with MS have visual difficulties that prevent them from reading large blocks of print. **