Here's the thing. I was diagnosed with CIS about a month ago, and after a brain scan it's very likely that it's MS rather than a passing virus (which was the only other possibility - neuro did just do a test for NMO since this attack has been very severe, according to him, but it's not likely either). It's too early to do a spinal tap, but my neuro is starting me on meds now.

My symptoms have not fully gone away, though they have improved massively after 3 rounds of high dose steroids. We're unsure if they'll completely recover, or if some degree of symptoms will be permanent.

Before this attack started 6 weeks ago, I was planning on applying to get back into school next winter and hopefully start again the following fall. Currently, I work as a housekeeper (very physically intensive), but when I get back to school, I was going to go for vet tech.

Is a job like this even possible with MS? Is it only possible early on? If the spinal tap does confirm MS in a few months, should I think about a different career path? I don't really see many people talking about physically laborous jobs - vet tech would be less laborous than what I do now, but still physically demanding.

What do you guys do for work, how long have you had MS, and is it still possible to do your job without a lot of accommodations? Anyone in the medical field find it doable?