Has anyone heard or read if Plegridy causes issues with making your teeth more prone to decay/gum recession, etc?

I've been on Plegridy for almost 2 years and this week I had my usual dental checkup and my hygenist said that she's starting to see some issues with plaque that have never been a problem with me before. She went back into my chart and said that while I've had had issues in the past, it seems like the past year has shown a big change in my overall dental health---and nothing has changed for me that might've caused this. No new meds, no reactions to meds (unless you count the extreme allergic reaction that I had to Tecfidera 2 years ago). Likewise, my gums seem to have receded ridiculously and while I understand that some of this may be due to age (I'm 60) I am beginning to wonder if Plegridy isn't pushing these issues along or may even be the cause of them?