I'm 25. I was diagnosed at 21. I've never had much for jobs, and for two years after being diagnosed i remained at home.
Now for three years I've been working with kids, which i know is hard to begin with but adding MS to that is quite hard.
For the past couple of months i've just been feeling so tired and can't seem to do much. I don't know if its the MS, the depression or the type 1 diabetes or a combo of all three.

I'm stuck because i don't know what to do. My mom insists i go to school (and that in itelf is a whole other problem because i can't afford it and when i was diagnosed with MS i was a month into college)
and my boyfriend says we can find something else for me but i don't know what else i can do.

My mother also says i shouldn't apply for disability again but she won't ever go into why other than i don't need it. I tried to apply and my case lost.

I just am stuck because i'm on medicaid and can't make much money or i get kicked off and will have no insurance but i make very little to begin with and its becoming even harder to live on.

I'm lost.