I haven't been in here literally for years. I came in when was first diagnosed several years ago.

I was married than, yet I let the MS get the best of me and it kinda ruined my marriage. We've been separated 7 years. Never got the legal divorce, not sure why. I just knew I'd never get married again.

My mom recently passed, watching the love between her and my dad till her final moments was sad and touching.

My ex called a week later, out of the blue sick. In hospital himself. We have been talking, and he said you work ft now? I said yup I'm a singe parent (not his child:1st marriage) and have tons of bills. He was shocked because I didn't work back than. I didn't push.

I think when that diagnosis first comes thru it's shocking. I think it takes time for us to process, adjust etc

I've been without him for 7 years, and I thought wow single will be great! Lol um no! Sure I've grown up a lot, had to stand on my own two feet.

Yet nothing beats having a person who loves you, and is there for you through thick and thin.

We are having a real date this weekend. Anyone else's marriage fall apart after diagnosis and come back to survive?

Hoping everyone's happy and healthy ❤️