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I believe food matters because what you eat determines which bacteria thrive in your gut and the gut-brain axis is key to how your brain is doing. Feed the good bacteria and starve the bad. Your immune system has a grand role in your gut so it´s all connected. Then there´s the molecular mimicry and leaky gut so if you eat gluten and your GI tract cells have loose junctions, then proteins enter the bloodstream and cause a reaction from your immune system.

I´ve started on a grain bowl kick- quinoa, kale, a protein, maybe mango or beets or sweet peppers. Change up the dressing and you´ve got something new every day. Don´t forget to massage the kale!
How is your diet going? Have you noticed any changes in your health?

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I'm curious: Have you read Dr. Gundry's thoughts/theories as he explains in the Plant Paradox book?
I still haven't read the book, but I looked at Dr. Gundry's Food Pyramid. I follow some of his suggestions but not all of them. Some of the foods that Dr. Gundry recommends that we avoid are the very same foods that my functional medicine encourages me to eat.

I eat healthy fats and lots of vegetables, including cruciferous ones.
I don't do 24 hour fasts, but, fairly often, I try to do intermittent fasts of 14-16 hours. That's really not very difficult. I just don't eat after supper and I have a late breakfast. Even that is supposed to offer health benefits.
I eat lots of nuts. I don't eat wheat. I don't eat peanuts or cashews, but I don't avoid pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or chia seeds.
At home, I stick to wild-caught, free-range and grass-fed fish, poultry, eggs and meat. I do eat them in moderation, a few times per week. When I eat out, it's not available at restaurants. I don't eat dairy.
I actually eat a lot of fruit, which he doesn't recommend. And, I don't stick to in-season fruits, or to green unripe fruits.
I don't drink alcohol at all. My husband is a total abstainer, and that just would have been a deal-breaker for him, so I decided that he was more important. I sometimes try to include red grapes instead. I'd like to start eating them daily, instead of red wine.
I avoid bread, cereal and flour, aspartame and usually sugar. I eat rice (brown rice at home, but white rice occasionally when I eat out). I consume honey and maple syrup occasionally. I don't avoid the forbidden vegetables.
I avoid the forbidden oils and I don't eat many grains.

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I love reading your posts! I think there is not nearly enough emphasis on functional medicine. The whole body works together and it makes no sense to me that we are so focused on isolation of issues when treating a person.
Thanks, Sara. Please share what alternative strategies you're using and your successes. :-)