I had my routine follow-up last week with my Neuro.

- I reported I am still weak and getting weaker.
- He went thru his battery of tests with me and can tell the weakness is there.
- No side effects from Lemtrada or any other issues.
- My monthly labs are still good.
- He does not feel any additional treatments needed at this point.
- At my January appt I requested PT and had 8 in-home sessions earlier this year.
- I requested outpatient clinical PT/OT since I need evaluation for new w/c and assistance device(s) / transfer aids.
- I asked if as time goes on is there a chance disability slows since at this point stopping my disability progression is a goal. He said yes there is a possibility over time.
- I will see him in 4 months

My treatments:
July 2015 year1 5 dose treatment
July 2016 year2 3 dose treatment

Link to my thread of those treatment details: